Friday, February 8, 2013

Love Chooses Best

It's kinda the thing now to have a "word".  Just one word that sums up where you are, where you are going, forging a path to follow for a season.

Recently a few people told me their "word" for the new year.

Several years ago, my "word" was SIMPLIFY.  It was just one of those misty phrases that kept coming back and renewing itself in the busy places of my life and recycling through my emotions until I got it.

Then there were several seasons that my "word" was NEW.  Put the past behind and look for the new things.  Ah, yes, NEW.

So sometime last year my "word" kept coming around and around and around.  Well you know how you just keep sorta bumpin' into a thought here and there.  
Sometimes loud, sometimes soft until you realize you are supposed to listen to that.
My "word" was
 Well yeah,  that was my "word". 
 Pretend I didn't just say an entire 28 letter phrase right there.

  But anyway,  that is still my "word" right now. 
 It's interesting when you begin to put life through that filter how your perspective changes. 
 As a family we have let go of so much good in our life, simply out of necessity, not because we desire it to be. 
 The places we go, people we see, things we participate in...just simply let the good go...well because it was absolutely necessary.  It's been that way for a while.

But this is different for me. 
 As I sincerely consider each good thing as honestly good,  will I reap "better" if I let go?
I was telling my husband these thoughts one day and I heard his quiet, "Hhhmm."  He remained silent but his expression told me he was thinking about what I had said. It was ok that we didn't discuss it further.  It was just an easy conversation of pitchin' around ideas.  Not really resolving anything we were just thinking out loud to each other.
The minutes sped past, the day grew long and old,
yes I said old, 
but the work was still piled high. 
 Nighttime was falling. 
 He came to me and said, "Now, this evening how can I let go of good for best?  What can I turn loose?  Let go?"
"For me, it's not an immediate letting go.  It's a process.  A change in thought and actions, that hopefully over time comes full circle for better.  In my opinion it's a lifestyle."  I said, "Not an immediate fix."
So night wore on and I heard his voice take a call in the office.  "Do you want me to come?" I heard him say.  He was needed.  Desperately needed.  Quickly he left to intervene.
Much time passed and he called to say he was on his way home.   I said,  "You just chose best.  Yes, you chose best.  Come home and get some sleep.  Tomorrow will take care of itself."
And you know tomorrow really did take care of itself.  It's amazing how that happens.  All  because he let go of good for best.
Love chooses best.

Do you have a "word"?

P.S. And just in case it sounds like I was bossing him around all day...well I wasn't! :)
Uh, well on second thougth maybe I should ask him if he thought I was bossy.
Hhmm, no, yeah, no, I will just leave that one alone.
Love chooses best, right? Yeah, right.


Judy said...

I really liked this post...and no it didn't sound like you were bossing ;)
I got a chuckle at that comment (lol)

Donnie said...

Best comment I can make. Have a wonderful day.