Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Is Getting Creepy

It was a cold and dismal weekend night.
We happened upon another bat mobile sighting.  This time it was up close and personal.
After a few clicks with the guns and revs of the engine, he sped off into the night.
  It's just a little creepy.
Right now we are working on a land survey that involves a protected bat habitat.  The survey must be completed before the bats get back to town.  Once bat migratory season begins, the area can't be disturbed until next winter when they leave again.  Of course we want the survey done before then, and we don't plan to "be in dodge" when the bats begin to arrive.
I wonder if we should hang one of these photos of the bat mobile out in one of the trees?
Hhhmm, just a thought.
Nah, I'm thinkin' the bats could care less about photos of some silly mobile.


Leslie said...

I really love bats and find them so fascinating! We got to see and hear some up close in a presentation in MS. We had several near our Jackson home and I wanted a bat house for them. The kids and I loved spotting them flying around at dusk!

Donnie said...

Hurry and finish your job. The experience I have had with bats, I had rather not be near them. Hope your day is wonderful.

Claudia said...

I used to be afraid of bats and, don't get me wrong, they still creep me out a bit. But they are so beneficial and are shy, too.


Judy said...

We get bats hiding underneath our logs outside and sometimes they get in our garage. I have to say I'm not very fond of them.