Friday, February 22, 2013

Was It A Time Warp?

Leaving early, we drove through cold and barren farm land to a small town nearby.  Our destination was the county courthouse (built in 1896) to research some property deeds for a land surveying client.  The architecture was fantastic.  I tried to stay focused on the task at hand while nonchalantly snapping a few photos.
Wouldn't this be a grand place for a wedding?
 I don't mean the "I do" sort of wedding in front of a judge. 
 There is absolutely nothing wrong with those weddings.  In fact I think they are just fine and much better than no wedding at all. 
 But  I mean, if you wanted a large public event, wouldn't this be a fabulous place?  Can't you hear sounds of love and laughter bouncing off the ornate columns and floating through the expanse of the three story building.

Tables filled with flowers and candles and food could be breathtakingly arranged on these intricate mosaic marble floors.  I wonder if they'd rent this out for an event?
Hhmm I wonder?
 I was distracted by my active imagination.
  This enormous and heavy book resting on shelves made of tiny brass rollers had the oldest date that I could find.

 I felt such a weird sensation of walking back in time, as I circled around the old oak research counters, yet being thrust to the present, as our fingers tapped the computer keyboard. 
 It was a total time warp. 
 Or maybe it is my mind that is warped!
Please don't agree!

  There were many places to go and things to do all day long and I kept myself amused amidst the busyness.
  However, this photo captures my most astonishing encounter of the day, hands down!
Laying right there on the table was a cell phone, a purse, and another purse in the seat of the black chair and of course the coat draped on the back of the chair.
Yep, right there in plain sight on the long table in a public research place, was personal stuff, simply unattended.  The purse you see was gaping open and I suppose I could have taken a photo of what was in it, but I thought that would have been a bit tacky. 
 Yeah, just a little tacky. 
 Obviously the employees who sat the stuff down weren't worried about it one teeny tiny bit.
I'm curious.  Do you feel comfortable leaving your stuff out like that in a public space?

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Donnie said...

Beautiful building and love the color combinations. Yes it would be a beautiful place for a wedding .
And the answer to the last question is NO.
Have a wonderful, safe and secure day!