Friday, February 1, 2013

When Rachel Met Beckie

In 2008 I started reading Infarrantly Creative, a blog written by Beckie.  She lives in a near by town and is one of the most creative people you will ever meet.  I was enchanted by her crafty DIY style and "can do attitude".
She has done all kinds of amazing things through her blog.  Please drop over there and meet her. 
 She is amazing. 
A few days ago, she posted on her blog the times she would be speaking at the Indianapolis Home Show. 
I have looked for opportunities in the past to meet her, so I thought maybe this was my chance.. 
After she spoke I nervously took a big gulp and introduced myself.
She said, "Of course, I know exactly who you are!"
Uh! Really? She KNEW me? 
 Total awesomeness!!!!
She is super friendly, down to earth and if I might say so, she's a gorgeous red head.
She just doesn't realize that we are kindred spirits.
She turns trash to treasures...too.
My husband chuckled and whispered in my ear, "You're about to meet your competition!"
 (Ah, he's so kind.  But that's just his way, such a good compare me to a pro like Beckie.
 He knows my heart. 
 But I digress.)
So as I was sayin' go check her out.
You will love what you read.
I'm not kiddin'. 
She is amazing.  She is amazing. 
I may have just set the record for using the word amazing as much as possible in a single blog post, but that's OK,
she IS amazing.
She has such creative talent.
Did any of you see her at the Home Show too?


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Infarrantly Creative said...

It was my pleasure meeting you Rachel. I wanted to come just hang out with your family for the rest of the day. It meant so much to me that you came to meet me. Thank you, you made my day!