Friday, February 15, 2013

So Was It A "Wonky" Day or Not?

Yesterday, after the early morning school drop off, we drove about 45 minutes to the big city to get more measurements on a survey job we've been working on.
We worked in a big woods in the middle of the big city.  It was fun.  Well sorta.  I had fun being with him, 'cuz I pretended it was a date and stood there and reminisced about all the dates we'd had while surveying.  But we're interesting like that, I mean boring really,  'cuz we always work.  My job was VERY  easy.  All I had to do was stand where he showed me and keep the tip of my toe on the end of the yellow tape and hold it down real tightly, so he could get an accurate measurement when he pulled on the line.  I just pretended that I was squishing a bug, and shivered 'cuz it was cold.
Our daughter brought home a paper she'd made in computer class and she told me she wanted it on the table with decorations around it.  She was disappointed that she wasn't allowed to print it in color, 'cuz they are only allowed to print in black and white.  I didn't tell her there was a typo in the spelling 'cuz I didn't want her disappointed about that too.  It was fun to decorate around something she made.
We decorated the table real fast. 
The tablecloth wasn't ironed.
And I'm ok with that.
We used paper napkins.
'Cuz the cloth ones smelled like the candles they were laying beside in the drawer.
And I'm ok with that too,
not the smell,
but using paper napkins.
We used whatever we could find to make the table look Valentiney and festive, then stood back and admired the way the sun was shining in on the decorations and we loved the sunshine, 'cuz it was cold.
Once the table was ready we rushed to the kitchen to make our not so very gourmet supper. 
And I was fine with the fact that it wasn't gourmet, 'cuz it was yummy. 
 So that was good.
I just threw all these ingredients into the skillet. 
I made sure I was a good distance across the kitchen when I threw them and they landed in the pan perfectly fine, just like this. 
 (Not really.)
When the meal was ready we ate.
Well yes, of course we ate.
As you can see our meal consisted of lettuce wedges with dressing, sauteed shrimp and heart shaped sandwiches, 'cuz apparently Valentine's Day would be all wonky if we didn't eat heart shaped something.  Our college son even texted home in the morning that he "could really go for some heart shaped pancakes right about now", 'cuz I think he was homesick.  (NOT REALLY!)
Oh yeah, and we drank "Big Red" cream soda, not necessarily 'cuz we thought it tasted all that good, just 'cuz I thought it looked real pretty in the glasses.
And after supper they played Uno, and laughed and hollered and laughed some more, 'cuz I think that meant they were having fun.
And when the day was done she hugged me and thanked me "for the really great and fun day", 'cuz I think she liked our wonky Valentine's Day!
And life is good, 'cuz I am extremely and abundantly blessed.
What about you?  Did you have a wonky Valentine's Day?
 (Wonky:  I think I might have made that word up too..I probably should check it out and maybe apply for a job at Webster's, don'tcha think.)
Oops, no I checked.  Wonky is already a word. 
 It is British slang for stupid, boring and unattractive.
  I just thought you should know that. 
You're welcome!
Hhmmm, that totally blows this entire blog post right out of the water. 
 Whatever THAT means. 
 Oh well.


Leslie said...

I always thought wonky mean weird, crazy, odd, different, lopsided--I like that better. I like your "wonky-ness" (my definition). HUGS!

Donnie said...

Sounds like it was a most wonderful day full of memories lovingly made, that will be guarded in the heart for a very long time.
Have a wonderful day today.

Judy said...

I had to chuckle at your job description, because that's the kind of job my husband puts me to work doing if I help him with anything :)
I love you table setting, sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Kathryn said...

What a cute post Rachel about having "real life fun" on Valentine's Day! Your table is adorable. xoxo Kathryn :)

Hollace said...

In quilting, they say a wonky square is one that is cut asymetrically, so that it looks topsy-turvy. I think your Valentine's Day success is the secret of your "being okay with that" attitude. Makes for happiness!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Love the wonky word and the fun day you had!

Here's our Valentine's Day love story: We took a young single mother and her three small children out to dinner. Went to Cracker Barrel, where they had never been! They loved it! They had shrimp, pancakes, hot chocolate, ice cream, ETC!

I thought about blogging this, but don't have many personal contacts who would appreciate it. I knew you would!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Such a cute Valentine's Day post, Rachel. Never thought of eating something heart shaped. Might just do that next year. :):)

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh Katherine, How sweet of you to think to come tell me that. I appreciate it so much.

What a loving gesture for you to reach out to that precious young mother on Valentine's Day.

Thank you for sharing here. You should blog about it definitely.
xo rachel