Monday, January 7, 2013

Frozen Fog

This morning as we rushed to the airport to take our last Christmas guest away, we experienced a beautiful winter weather phenomenon.
There really is no way to adequately describe the beauty that we saw in our 15 degree F weather.
In the distance is fog.  We call it frozen fog.
I'm  not sure how a meteorologist would describe this, but I think that the mist particles from the fog, freeze on the surrounding surfaces, due to the extreme temperature.  The frozen mist is particularly beautiful on the trees.  I like to think of it as crystal lace.
This week has been fun, visiting with you on "A Romantic Porch".  Thank you for dropping by.
Our holiday guests are gone now.  They have returned to South Carolina and Florida and one of our sons is back to the University in Illinois.  The phones are ringing, emails and texts are coming in from customers and the 2013 rolls on down the pike. Our hearts are full of memories and experiences from this past holiday season.
I hope that your year will be filled with peace.
I'm not sure how often I will be able to post as my responsibilities progress, but I will be back.
It is hard to believe that  I first posted to this blog five years ago.  Yes, FIVE years!   Some of you have stuck with me from the beginning.  I appreciate it more than you know.
My duties are calling,  Enjoy and be safe.
P.S. We wish our nephew David a most Happy Birthday.  He has suffered the day away in balmy Costa Rica! ;) And we sang Happy Birthday to the memory of my amazing Mother.


Mom Going said...

Oh, how I like that look of sparkling diamonds on the trees and tall grasses. It truly is a winter wonder land.

Donna Lynn said...

So beautiful Rachel! Wow, you have some cold weather there, we have 47 today and of course WET! :- [

I have been with you the whole 5 years! Congrats for hanging in there, I have wanted to quit blogging so many times, but have hung in there too...

XO! Donna Lynn

Donnie said...

The fog lace is beautiful. It would be nice if some of it could be saves for the hot August days! You do have your pictures so, you can get them out then and enjoy a little of the cool!
I too have been remembering Mother today.
Have a wonderful evening. Donnie

Rose of Sharon said...

Hi Rachel! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I haven't talked with you in a long time. I hope all is well for you and that you have a wonderful 2013!!!

Hugs, Sharon