Saturday, January 5, 2013


I hope to have Christmas decorations put away tonight. I'm ready for a different "look".  Aren't you?
The roots of our rhubarb plant are silently sleeping under the cover of snow.  I can't wait to see those first crisp sprouts.
More snow is predicted the next two nights, so maybe we will get our very own snow sculpture after all.
Hhhmmm.  Fresh snow or Spring? 
What a dilemma. 
What to do?
 What to do?
Oh wait...that's not a dilemma. 
 We will just take what we get AND be happy 'bout it!


Donnie said...

I think I like the tulip spring look the best, however I think I will accept whatever comes! Have a wonderful day regardless what the weather brings.

Easley Bible Methodist Church said...

Thanks for a good time with you all. We enjoyed our brief stay.

Mom Going said...

Rachel, that was me above. Love you