Sunday, January 6, 2013

Opportunities Beyond

She is not afraid of snow for her household...
 Proverbs Chapter 31 Verse 21
 Holy Bible Old Testament

This week Christmas break ends and school resumes.  Our schedule will shift.  The calendar is quickly filling with deadlines, appointments and events. 
  How does that happen?
  Is there a slow and leisurely pace to life?
  No, probably not. 
I will choose to view the busyness and haste as new opportunities...
...opportunities to meet someone new,
opportunities to learn a new skill,
opportunities to feel deeply for others,
opportunities to overcome challenges both past and present,
opportunities to learn to deal with feeling overwhelmed,
opportunities to become wiser NOT older!
And a myriad of opportunities to choose not to be afraid.


Donnie said...

Another WOW! God is Great and He is Faithful. I am thankful. Donnie

Connie said...