Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another View

I tried to get this view of the snowy fish sculpture posted on yesterday's post with the photo of the side view.  However, blogger was giving me fits as I tried to post pictures.  For some reason this one never would link in, so I thought I would try again today.
YIPPEE!! Here it is!
The person who did this makes a different sculpture every winter that there is enough snow.  It is interesting to see what creation he will design each time.  If you are traveling South on State Street,  you can see it on the left hand side of the road as you are leaving town.  Go take a "look see".  Stop right in the middle of the road and take photos!  It's worth it!
 At 12 degrees F, we may not even build a snowman.  It would look kinda normal and boring compared to that don'tcha think?
Have I mentioned that it is COLD outside?


Donnie said...

I think I would invite him over to make the snow design in your yard for you. He could enjoy the cold for you and you could enjoy his snow design!

Karla Cook @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Happy to see you're blogging again! It's about that cold at our house today, too. Currently 14 at 10:12 a.m. Brrrr!!!

You are featured in today's post on my blog. Come see! ;o)

Donna Lynn said...

That sculpture looks like it is cement, very cool! Get it? HAHA,sorry! We are cold here too, but no snow yet, like it way better then the rain!