Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Making A Stretch Headband and Rainbow Love

Our daughter has been wanting some stretch headbands like this for a while.  Poor thing, she's been in line behind the other  customer orders. You can buy this elastic ribbon trim at most fabric or craft stores in the trim by the yard section.  JoAnn Fabric had it for around $2.69 per yard I believe and since you only need 1/2 yard for each headband, it was quite economical.
 When I laid the ribbon on the table to cut it to length, I noticed that there were rainbows scattered across my work area.
So off I went to take photos.  I timed it and in two minutes the rainbows dancing through the rooms were gone.  I'm so glad I took time.

I was hoping to show you how easy this was by using black thread and zigzagging the stitch across the two ends of the stretch ribbon.  Instead I simply had a frustrating experience of the loops getting stuck in the presser foot of the machine.
So I stopped and finished it by hand.  Take an 18 inch length and fold it in half at 9 inches with right sides together.  Then sew both of the loose ends together.  After that I chose to open my seam (working from the wrong side of the ribbon) and stitch the loose edges down, so it wouldn't be gunky and wadded.  But you wouldn't have to do that.  You could even pin it with a safety pin instead of sewing it if you wanted, however, I wouldn't recommend this project to be done with a hot glue gun.
Over all it is super easy.  And I had them done in less than 30 minutes.  You could add puffy flowers or a bow, but she wanted hers plain, so I obliged!
Have you ever made these?


Donnie said...

How pretty, and now your little daughter has some pretty headbands.
Now all the little girls in her class will wish they had headbands just like hers!

Anonymous said...

rachel you are so creative. love you keith