Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Is When You Know It Is Really Really Bad!

 You know it is really really bad,
 when you are working on your blog
 and the laptop is taken from your hands
 and she begins to read along,
then laughter and giggles ensue.
"Seriously mom, you really said THAT?"
"Well now that was certainly unexpected!"
louder giggle
bubbling giggle 
more comments stifled through laughter
I don't know what was so funny.
Well, yeah, actually,
 I do know why she was laughing and giggling.
She was reading MY blog.
You know it's really really bad
when SHE laughs at you!
However, I did enjoy hearing the laughter bubble from deep inside.
 never ever
 never ever
 want to forget it.
~giggles and laughter~
and more
~giggles and laughter~
 I'm posting it here.
I want to look back and remember.
And smile!
I told 'em I was going to paint the red chandelier, orange.
"Why mom, for Halloween?"
"No, for Fall, y'all.
You know the fall porch decor, and all?"
"Uh uh, no way, NOT orange, absolutely not. 
 After all it's practically Christmas!" she said.
This time, I wasn't laughing,
 because I will blink twice and it WILL be Christmas!
So for now the chandelier stays red,
cheerfully hanging right there at the end of the porch,
 "after all it's practically Christmas!"
As you probably guessed the chandelier is no longer hanging under the white tent.
And a red chandelier is just fine with the fall porch decor.


Donnie Pirtle said...

What a beautiful picture,inviting porch and memories posted. She has a sweet giggle, happiest laugh that touches deep down into your heart and makes you smile and laugh. Love Her.
Have a wonderful day.

Judy said...

I want to come and sit on your porch and have a cup of coffee. What a cute picture, beautiful smiles.