Friday, August 30, 2013

Tips For A Successful Marriage

Before you were married did anyone tell you the elements for success in your relationship?
Did they tell you that God was the base, the never ending circle, the foundation for all of it?
  Did they emphasize the importance of being strongly committed to HIM?
And did they tell you would need the beauty of trust and respect right up front and center in order for your marriage to be strong?
And while they were talking to you, did they happen to mention that if selfishness should rear its ugly head, the beauty of your marriage would be distorted, possibly even destroyed?

Were they kind enough to insist that selfishness had no place in your relationship and you must pitch it out, throw it away and move on, never letting it take hold and destroy what you have worked tirelessly to build together?
Did they remind you that it takes two, both of you, unselfishly, giving 200%?
Did they tell you, when two become one, LOVE is around you, in you, placing a touch of beauty that can't be denied?
And did they say that LOVE is an action, a selfless action, even when it's not a feeling?
Did they remind you that romance doesn't come in the form of fancy cruises and expensive trips to Paris and lavish dinners? While all of that is wonderful and fun, romance, the sparkle and sizzle in your marriage, comes in small ways, in the everyday routine, remembering to do the little things that matter, kindness, thoughtfulness and saying, "I love you", first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night.
Did they remind you that "happily ever after" begins now?
  It IS NOW.
  It is THIS moment, this action, this kindness, this apology, this forgiveness, this hard time, this challenge to overcome...together.
Yes, "happily ever after" is NOW!
Whatever NOW is giving you,
THAT is "happily ever after".
Stephanie and Gage, thank you for the honor of sharing a devotional on marriage at your wedding shower.
As we previously discussed, I placed a few snippets of what was said that day, here, as a way for you to remember.
Congratulations for a wonderful life together.


Donnie Pirtle said...

Beautiful and Beautiful, so very true. Have a wonderful day.

Victorian1885 said...

What a lovely post... your wreath is beautiful!

Attic Clutter said...

pretty wreath and an important message (:)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This is beautiful! I should send it to my grandson and his bride-to-be (they marry Oct. 20th.)

Thanks for your sweet compliments on my house and floors!