Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Now Tell Me What Would You Have Done?

 Rachel Polly Pocket donned her pink Polly Pocket dress and accessed the situation. 
 Work was non-stop for everyone at Polly Pocket Castle. 
There were not enough hours in the day to mark off the To Do List and she would lie awake at night worrying
 about customers and jobs and her family
and world crisis and starving children and homeless people
 and the near extension of the Quetzal bird in Central America
...well sorta that and some of the other stuff...sorta.
And worry wasn't changing anything.
She knew that change would only come with doing something different.
  She saw that the smallest of the Polly Pocket family had a very empty emotional tank and this was causing the little one much frustration.
 So Rachel Polly Pocket told the smallest of the Polly Pocket family that they would just leave the Polly Pocket Castle behind and do something fun...like bake a cake OR play pretend Polly Pockets.
While the cake cooled on the rack,  they flew through the dining room on their own private jet, headed to a cruise ship located off the Island of Hawaii, aka, dining room walkway.
 For the last leg of the journey to the cruise ship, they boarded an elaborate purple helicopter.
  Once they arrived at the cruise ship they just played and played and had fun.
Then they ate warm cake straight from the cake pan and washed it all down right quick with icy cold milk.
But they shared part of the cake with the male members of the Polly Pocket family.
And everyone in the Polly Pocket smiled and said it was very good.
Given those same circumstances, now tell me what would you have done?
That's what Rachel Polly Pocket did.


Salmagundi said...

I loved playing with Polly Pocket with my granddaughter. Now, all granddaughter wants to do is play at the Mall. I take her and follow her around because it is still fun just to be with her!! We're going next weekend to do some birthday (shoes!) shopping. Sally

Donnie Pirtle said...

I think I would have done just what you did, then you have all the fun memories of your Polly Pocket Day to add to all your other memories. Have a wonderful day.