Sunday, September 15, 2013

Decorating with a Miracle, (and other thoughts about decorating with Pine Cones)

As we've taken walks we've enjoyed collecting these Pine Cones.
Decorating with Pine Cones is so easy.
I'm amazed with how their paper thin "petals" are held in place with the center core.
I saw some Pine Cones hanging from the tip top of a tree. 
There were no Pine Cones hanging lower.
There was no way to reach them way up there.
They were hanging like Christmas ornaments.
They were pale yellow in color. 
 I supposed they weren't ripe yet.
There are male Pine Cones.
There are female Pine Cones.
The pollen from the male Pine Cones fertilize the female Pine Cones.
Once fertilized it  can take years for a female Pine Cone to open so the seeds can be dispersed through the air.
Some Pine Cones only release their seeds through the heat of a forest fire.
Without wind, without fire a Pine Cone cannot dispense the seeds of a mighty Pine.
Pine Cones are miraculous little bits of beauty.
I have several miracles laying right on the table on the porch.
A Pine Cone is a  miracle.
Yes I decorated with several miracles the other day.
We picked them up.
In our hands.
We held them.
Stacked then.
Turned them around.
In our hands.
We held a miracle.
Several of them.
That stuns me!
Humbles me.
Holds me in awe.
Do you feel like you are hanging?
From the tree tops.
Waiting for the wind.
For something.
For someone.
A career.
Or have you fallen?
Fearfully like a Pine Cone,
laying on the edge of the sidewalk,
to be kicked or scuffed along by the tip of a cruel toe?
Your toe?
The toe of another?
The black treads of an oncoming tire.
Cruel treads.
Pain searing your fragile "petals".
Hope ebbs.
Resourcefulness wains.
Fear crouches.
Trust falters.
There is hope!
There is beauty.
There is ONE who smiles on you.
Shows favor.
Picks you up.
Turns you over.
In HIS palm.
In HIS hand.
Pierced hand.
Sees your potential.
Your usefulness.
Your strength.
And you are a miracle.
Like a Pine Cone braving the elements.
Let go.
Into HIS arms.
Feel HIS hands.
Pierced hands.
HE sees your beauty.
HE kindles the flame of your potential.
It may take wind, strong wind, mighty storms, raging fires for your potential to grow into a mighty Pine, a strong person, the person you are meant to be.
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."
Old Testament Holy Bible Joshua 1:9

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Donnie Pirtle said...

WOW, BEAUTIFUL!! That we, I, will not complain and let Him make me strong. Have a wonderful day.