Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Just Me...thinking out loud!

I've had these cut glass salt and pepper shakers for a long time. Since they aren't filled with the obvious use of salt and pepper, I thought they looked cute in this glass pedestal bowl. I've enjoyed the reflective quality of the glass.
The other day as I pondered this past year since I started my blog I wondered if it has any reflective qualities? You know all of the wonderful "rock star" blogs (as I call them) out there that have so many exciting things to offer. They are filled with a plethora of ideas and places to shop and things to do, awards to spread and fun filled stories of shopping adventures and daydream vacations! They are filled with tutorials for sewing and crafts or lists for living the perfect lifestyle. I just absolutely love them. There are adorable homes and delicious recipes all for your viewing with just the click of a mouse. Isn't is wonderful? Oh the places you can go and the things you can see all from the comforts of home!

And so what do I have to offer? I've learned so much this past year and made wonderful blog friends. My life has truly been enriched because of you and my experiences. And I am so thankful for everything I have learned and received from each one of you!

On Sunday last week our hearts were sad because of the tragic loss of a friend and then again on Saturday learning of 3 more lives tragically cut short. So I stop and pause and reflect and say...when my life is spent what will I have reflected to you and others...and most importantly the guests that grace my home 24 hours a day, my family? It's just me, thinking out loud, but it is so easy to compare myself and feel the criticism of others who aren't living my life, who aren't walking in my shoes. But I can't spend my time that way. And so I say that I must let the good go and focus on the best. Being the best I can be and then that is all. Is it the best for my floors to be freshly scrubbed or that I've shown love and care to my family? Oh I know it is all about balance, in every area of life...that is such a challenge. It's just me, thinking out loud and I wonder if I only did the things I want and never put the concerns of others before mine, what would my life be? Would my life look and feel perfect and my "To Do List" charmingly checked off to perfection?

When my life is spent, I hope I've lived a life of love, grace, faith, trust, dependability, hospitality and care. Learning those qualities aren't always easy. I'm still learning. I hope I always learn. But it's just me here, thinking out loud. I can only do the best that I can do with the circumstances in which I find myself. No one can live my life. I can't live yours.

And so as I scoot along to other responsibilities that are loudly calling my name, I will hope that when you visit here, you leave encouraged and challenged to love more deeply...with eyes that are opened beyond the physical circumstances of now and today. There is so much more to life than the tangible...I hope this blog reflects that! But it's just me...thinking out loud!
Love, Rachel


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Rachel,
I just want to say that you always inspire me with your lovely posts! It's beautiful to look at for one thing and you always share from your heart. So yes, I think you do focus on the important things in life. And I just wanted to tell you so....


Suzanne said...

Rachel, This is my first visit to your post. What a wonderful post today. Time of reflection from the heart. It really hit me. Not just good, the "BEST". Love and Prayers, Suzanne

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Very beautifully said Rachel. Love the shakers displayed like that! I try to find old cut glass bottle stoppers or decanter stoppers when I am at yard sales, Goodwill, etc. They too look beautiful kept in a pretty cut glass bowl.

Glenda said...

We all must ponder our lives once in awhile, otherwise we would never strive to do better in life. Sometimes it takes a hugh jolt sometimes a small one. What ever it is, it makes us rethink whether what we are doing is getting us were we want to go. Sometimes the journey is long sometimes short.

You always have thought provoking ideas and thoughts. Stay the course my dear.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
What a touching post. I am sorry about the loss of your friends recently. I think all any of us can do is to try and do our best but I know what you mean. I want to leave a legacy and 2009 has brought many new thoughts and ways to do things and how to spend my time. I definitely want to be bolder in my faith because time is running out.


Esther said...

I loved hearing you think out loud! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! They are inspiring!

Love, Esther

Patti said...

Hi Rachel~ Sorry for the loss of your friends. I know that feeling too well about reflecting and what we have to offer. I enjoy visitng your blog for for thoughtful posts and pretty photography. It's hard not to compare yourself with others but strive to be the best you can be. Thanks for what you do!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.I also like checking in on your blog. This is the first time that have I left a comment though. Keep up the grat posts!

KEITH said...


cityfarmer said...

keep it comin' honeeeeee!


Dear Rachel,
This post was so beautifully written. Thank you! I really enjoyed it and the glass looks lovely.


Mona said...

Rachel, I guess loss is a part of life. Not always easy to understand. I struggle with it a lot. Your post was beautiful and showed a lot of thought and heart.

Donnie said...

Dear Rachel,
Your inter-thinking is so very deep and thought provoking, I fall so very short of you, I am working on myself.
Loss of loved ones and friends is difficult. If,and when, we know they are with God, it makes the difference in knowing they are waiting for us.
Congratulations on your year of beautiful "blogging".
Have a wonderful day. Love you, Donnie

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Rachel,
I love it when you think out loud. You're natural and full of good wishes, faith and tons of inspiration. I enjoy coming here for a "real" visit to nourish my soul. Rock stars come and go, but a friend is something to cherish forever in this small little world of beauty.

I am so sorry to hear about your friends and just want to say you're in my thoughts and prayers, sweet Rachel.

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Lovely post Rachel,
My first close friend was named Rachel... 50 or so years ago(:)
I moved and that was that..
hugs, Patty

Linda said...

Hi Rachel,
Wow what an inspiring well written post.
Thank you.
Cheers Linda

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I enjoyed hearing you thinking out loud! You always present such interesting things for us, and you have such a sweet gentle way about you!

Love the way you have displayed the salt and peppa's!


To Thank You said...

Hi Rachel, Many of us are so blessed and inspired by your beautiful thoughts, and we feel we would like to respond but dont come up to your ability. God has given you a beautiful gift to inspire others who are very much in need of hope and blessing. Hundreds come here weekly to find strength for another day. More than 5o thousand this past year. God looks down from heaven and is so pleased that you are using the gift He has given you . He is happy we are blessed and you will be rewarded. A Reader

Kathi said...

Rachel, First I must say how sorry I am for the loss of those near and dear to you.

Your blog is a lovely inspiration to me. You are gentle and pretty. Your blog is graceful and it is full of kindness and mercy.

Sometimes I too, feel like this. I wonder is my blog meaningful? Does it glorify? I always hope the answer this is yes.

Bless you Rachel. Thank you so much for your letter to me. I will be writing you back. I worked both yesterday and today, and I am pooped. I'm going to bed early. I want to visit all blogging friends tomorrow. Have a great evening. Kathi

Ronda said...

Such beautiful contemplations! So glad you were brave enough to think many wonderful and true thoughts! YOUR blog always inspires me, Rachel! Thanks!

Claudia said...


What a thoughtful, lovely post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You managed to put your thoughts into words beautifully!

Stacey said...

Rachel I love this post! You are so right. We should all think aloud on this much more often.

Debbie said...

Your life does beautifully reflect love and caring. You inspire all of us to stop and think what we are doing to invest in other lives. How are we showing love? Your blog is a way to reach out with that love and a way to urge all of us to do the same.
Thank you,Debbie

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Rachel, thinking out loud is what it's all about. We all need to share ourselves openly.
Love the way you have displayed the salt and pepper shakers

TexasGrammie said...

Your blog is so pretty and I love what you have written...I read it over and over. Thank you so much for showing your heart.
I love visiting your and prayers.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hi Sweetie,
I am home and doing well, thank you for thinking of me, you are so thoughtful!
I love your collection of shakers, beautiful!
Love to you

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a fabulous post. I think we all ask ourselves this question, and most of us easily put ourselves down. I have come to terms with, "I am not a rock star, nor, do I really want to be". I make it through every day, doing the best that I can, and trying to have compassion for others. I have also learned through this life's journey that sometimes, how you touch someone else's life, a person may never know. Perhaps this is what keeps us humble. Just by wondering these things, tells me you are doing everything right.

Rebecca said...

Love the Post, Rachel! LOVE your BLOG! One of the BEST ever!