Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Just Around the Corner! Well sort of?

It's cold...15 degrees. Snowy. Dark before dawn. Too cold to take kids to school and do all the other things that have to be done today.
But I know that we have to have the cold before we have this...and we will have THIS. So I will focus on that today.

I hope you find something wonderful on which to focus!
Love, Rachel


Esther said...

What beautiful pictures of hope and new life! Thank you for sharing! I hope you'll have a wonderful day!

Keep warm!

Love, Esther

Melissa Wertz said...

Your bleeding hearts are so pretty. Looking forward to spring in a few weeks. I already have pink camellias and my daffodils are coming up.

Twice as Nice said...

Oh, I can't wait. I HATE winter. The snow is pretty but that's about it. It's very cold here today too. I hate having to get out in it. I just love when the trees start to bud...then you know Spring is around the corner.

cityfarmer said...

let's look at it this way....from what I am reading ALL over blogland~~~~~~~~we'll all have our makeovers done and our bungalowas will be organized and spotless.....what else is there to do in winter.

When spring arrives...we head on outdoors and indoors will be rockin'

Patti said...

Hi Rachel~ What gorgeous pictures of the house and flowers. Spring in Illinois is weeks and weeks and weeks away- but a girl can hope can't she? Have a great day!


Picket said...

What beautiful pictures! I can't wait for Spring down South...the trees have already put on their buds...but I know we will have to face a few more weeks of cold first! Have a great week!


Beautiful photo Rachel. I hope you are staying warm in your lovely "home sweet home."


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Beautiful photos of the beautiful house and the bleeding hearts! Have a wonderful day!