Friday, January 2, 2009

Just Playing Catch Up!

Do you have everything back in order from the holidays?
There are a few little extra things I need to get done. Well, OK not just a few...a lot!
I have been "blogging" for one year now. I've made great friends, found others who were long lost to me and I loved your emails, calls and comments. Thank you so much for making this a wonderful blog year.
Karla, thank you so much for setting it up, Martha thank you for telling me I should, and Daisy Cottage, thank you for encouraging me to start when the time was right for me.

I have some catching up to do. I've been tagged four times that I can remember, and I've had several awards passed along also. I have very limited time to spend on my blog each day, so I just haven't been able to get the cutting and pasting or transferring and linking or chasing and tagging passed along. I am SSSSSOOOOOOOO sorry and hope I haven't appeared ungrateful for your kindness to me to include me in the games.

Across this year, I remember Tatting Chic and Heart of a Mommy and Country Liv and one other blogger, ask me to tell 7 random or weird things about myself. Debi at "What's Cookin' in Junk, tagged me just yesterday. Oh my y'all, I'm honored that you would want to know such randomness about me, little ole' Rachel. I'm laughing! If you are reading my blog and included me in one of the random tags and I haven't mentioned you, please forgive me. I have a new way to keep track of them, if I will just do it...maybe a good resolution. Hhhmmm, let me see.

So in the spirit of not boring you to death with 28 or 35 or whatever it is, random things about myself, I will just list 7 and maybe that will appease the guilt that I bear! How 'bout that?

1) I have brown curly hair.

2) I realize how hard it is to "tell" (I can think of all kinds of weirdness) 7 random and weird things about myself...did anyone say confession?

3) I am not scared of mice, but I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT want them anywhere in my house.

4) I would rather not read out loud. It just seems like it would be boring to the listener.

5) I enjoy learning something new each yesterday...well, I can't remember what it was, but I did learn something new!

6) I enjoy "reading" body language.

7) I have been creating things with needle, thread, fabric and scissors since I was four...yes really! Wow! What a patient mom I had!

Well, that about sums it up for today, and I will enjoy getting to visit with you again later.

Have a wonderful day...gotta scoot and get some things finished up. This year is just flying by! Isn't it?

Love, Rachel


countrygirl3031 said...

Good Morning Rachel ~ congrats on blogging for 1 goes by so fast doesn't it?

Love reading stuff about what others like or don't much fun!


salmagundi said...

Enjoyed getting to know you a little better through this tag. I had to laugh about this year flying by - as that will be what will happen. Enjoy and cherish each day. Sally

TattingChic said...

Very fun! Thanks for sharing about yourself! I don't like mice. I found out in a very embarassing way once that I actually am afraid of mice, I didn't know it until I saw one. LOL! I'll save that story for another time, though!

Debi said...

Rachel dear,
How sweet to learn some more about you!! I am not afraid of mice either, BUT DON"T WANT TNEM IN MY COUNTRY HOME EITHER!!! lol. I understand about the year whizzing by faster than we care for it too. I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day dear. And Thank you for playing along with the tag dear!! :D

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Rachel...Congratulations for your 1 year anniversary of blogging! Love your front door and your decorations! :-) Susan

KEITH said...