Monday, December 15, 2008

Squint Test!

Do you do the squint test? You know when you are putting the lights on the Christmas tree, and you stand back and squint your eyes when you are looking at it, to see if the lights are evenly spaced all over the tree.
I see a few sparse places in the lights on this tree now that I'm looking at this picture that I didn't see after I "squinted"!
I just love the cozy glow of Christmas lights. Don't you?
Happy Anniversary to my wonderful in laws today! I hope it will be extra special for you!
Love, Rachel
P.S. Have you ever totally undecorated a tree and completely redecorated it because some of the lights went out on it? Please tell me! AND yes, I have!


abeachcottage said...

oh yep, this made me laugh...I do that


Carolyn said...

I love the cosiness of tree lights also and I think your tree is lovely.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Rachel,
Yes, I've done that a number of times over the years. It drives me crazy if something is not right. Your tree is lovely, by the way. Have nice day.


Mom Going said...

Thank you, Rachel, for the greetings. We plan on driving up to Pidgeon Forge today to celebrate this 47th anniversary. Where oh where have all the years gone? When you enjoy life, the years just fly by. :~)

Love you,

Sharon said...

I do the same thing! It does help. Your tree is gorgeous!

Have a great day! We have 4 inches of new snow today!!!!

Hugs, Sharon

Cathy Miller said...

Well, I don't do the squint test in exactly the same way you mentioned...I just take off my glasses and look through my poor old eyes! LOL! It's a family tradition around here!!

TattingChic said...

LOL! I guess I do that without really realizing it! Your tree looks great!

texasdaisey said...

I can't say I ever tried that one but it sounds like a good idea. Beautiful tree.

Hope said...

Hi Rachel,

Yes, I admit I do the squint but mostly for fun and not a test!! LOL
I've done that since I was a child. It looks like little stars shining when you squint!! I have a prelit tree which is about 20 years old and just pray every year when we put it up that the lights still work!

Your tree is very pretty and yes it does make things cosy.


salmagundi said...

Your tree is great - love the colored lights. Sally

Victoria Lynn said...

Your tree looks beautiful. My tree has all white lights, and I have to say that I miss the colored lights! Hope you're having a wonderful week.
Victoria Lynn

Esther said...

I did the undecorate and redecorate thing with the lights yesterday! Fortunately, only the lights were on, so I didn't have to take of decorations! But had they been on, they'd have come off, too!

I love the snowflakes on your tree! As usual, it's beautiful!

Love, Esther

Rachael said...

I need to do the squint test on mine to avoid looking at the large spaces in the bottom:-) Your tree looks very pretty!

Mo said...

I never knew about the squint test! Thanks for the holiday tip!

Debbie said...

Love your tree. I love the warm, cozy glow at Christmas.