Sunday, November 2, 2008

November and Another Darling Porch

Can you believe that it is already November?

Karla at Ramblin' Roads and her family moved into a new home in March. Through the Spring, Summer and Fall, she has enjoyed her cozy little deck just off the kitchen. I am so happy for her to have such a beautiful place to relax for a few seconds, or even linger a bit longer with a hot cup of coffee and chat with her husband or laugh along with her fun lovin' daughters. Karla tries to never miss seeing the sun set each evening. As you can tell, she has the perfect place from which to catch a glimpse as it slips past the horizon and out of view.

Mr. Jack - O - Lantern was happy to visit for a few days. He enjoyed his stay immensely, though I think I heard he was just a tad hot a few times! However, to see who the real porch "DIVA" is, you'll have to hop on over and visit her blog. Once you're there, you will soon see how creative she is. You will enjoy reading about her love of road trips and reading! AND Karla, is directly responsible for the fact I'm in blog land. Before I started "blogging" she emailed me and said she had a blog set up and ready to go. Now how could I resist that! But it took six more months before I jumped in. Karla is one of the first people I knew to have a blog! "A what", I thought?! I think she's had one for 7 years or something cutting edge like that. And you can probably find her on a ton of other social networks. I can tease and joke with Karla. She's my niece!

Karla celebrates both her birthday and her anniversary in November.

To honor her this month, I thought maybe you'd like to get to know her too! She is the oldest child of my third oldest sibling. Remember, there is a whole collection of siblings in my family! Karla is 18 months (I think) younger than me.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Karla. I'm glad we are family by birth and friends by choice.

Love, Rachel


Toots said...

I am so excited that you featured Karla's "porch." I've sat there! I can picture the whole area in my mind. Even though she lives far away from us, we got to visit them this past summer and enjoy the gorgeous sunset from their back yard...what fun.

Esther said...

Karla, Happy Anniversary a little late and Happy Birthday a little early! Your porch is pretty!

Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

Love you both!

cityfarmer said...

I love handmade afghans...I pick thm up at garage sales..cozy and mozy!!!

Victoria Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing such a fun and pretty porch! Have a wonderful week!
Victoria Lynn

BreeAsInTheTown said...

I love your afghan on the porch!

Tara said...

It may be Nov but it is bright and sunny by you, Rachel!

Ronda said...

What a cozy porch! Glad that you shared it with us!
Hope that Karla has a wonderful year...She seems like such a nice person. I know that she is special to you!
Hope that you are having a beautiful day...