Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Something Fun

On a recent fall day, I received a call where the "caller" requested to use our home for a surprise 40th birthday party. We were so excited and honored that they would think to ask US of all things.
Let's see? Had we lost our marbles?

Nope! They are right here. So we said yes!
They said I didn't need to do one thing! Oh, this is gonna be fun! So I light the candles as all happy homemakers are prone to do on special occasions!
I took a step back and made sure everything was in its proper place.
I'm not sure why that toilet picture is here...I think I was trying to get a good picture of the photo of the two little children giving the puppy a moving along.
I made sure the bathroom floors were clean enough to eat off of. Not that I REALLY thought anyone would want to come in here to eat, but I have heard of having your floors clean enough to eat on. Come on now, haven't you?
While I was at it, I made sure the hardwood was shiny.
I set out music for the musicians that were in the bunch.
One of the guests said to let him know when the piano is for sale!! Funny guy!
I made sure all the mirrors were glimmering in the candlelight.
When the party was over, I found a few stray pieces of party decor.
I believe birthdays are so important. I think we should celebrate each year with the realization that we have a purpose to fulfill. When I was cleaning up afterward, I could tell that everyone had a lot of fun. It made me happy. And to think, all we had to do was provide the place.
Yes, the birthday girl was truly surprised.
Love, Rachel
P.S. If today is YOUR birthday...make plans for a happy one!


Simply Dandy said...

Hi Rachel,
So sweet of you to open your home but then I would expect nothing less from you. You are a dear person.


Esther said...

Oh, my, but your house is so pretty! Thank you for sharing the pictures! I know everyone had a fun and relaxing time!

Love, Esther

Kathi said...

You are so kind and giving. I think it's wonderful. You are a super loving person. Your home is so pretty. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love seeing your home.


keith said...


Cottage Rose said...

Hey Rachel; How kind a generous of you to open up your lovely home for strangers for a Birthday Party. You are such a giving person. Sounds like they had a great time. Love you photos too every thing looked to great, oh and yes I agree about the floors, my Mom used to say that...

Have a good Fri.


Sharon said...

Your home is gorgeous! I just love your powder room!

Hugs, Sharon

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Your home looks so inviting! I'm sorry I missed this party :)
I love the pink toile! I have a little bit of that fabric :)