Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas not a dance!

I simply love glass Christmas balls. Across the years, I've accumulated a few...few...several...maybe a lot. I get them at my favorite thrift store. Well yes, back in the early days (whatever that is) I did buy some from an actual retail establishment, and they are beginning to come of age. But I just love the ones that show the wear and scuff from memories of Christmas. This bag full of little balls was 50 cents.
And this box was 1 dollar. I've spent 2.50 on ornamental Christmas balls this season. That's my limit on pocket change expenditures! Well I mean, after all you've gotta draw the line somewhere don'tcha? These balls in the box above aren't old I don't think, but they have great character. And I pitch those boxes. No sirree, no boxes to keep for me. Or I can give the old boxes to you. I know some of you collect them.

This is where I keep my Christmas balls. They are all nestled in there real cozy like...all together. Yep, their safe. Rarely have a breakage...that's what happens if they get dropped on a hard wood floor. Yikes!
Oh and yes, there are 3 drawers full of them...sometime, maybe I'll get the courage to show you what I do with them at Christmas time! I may have a few others here and there!

Look at your cute little face in a glass Christmas ball. Laugh yourself silly at your reflection, and go have yourself the best day you possibly can.
Love, Rachel


salmagundi said...

I never thought to just put the glass balls in a drawer. How convenient and accessable. Love it. Sally

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Rachel ~ I love me some vintage glass ornaments. I've been scouring thrift shops all year, but they've been putting out alot lately. That's a great idea storing them in a I just have to find one that's empty!


Mom Going said...

We're getting into the christmas spirit, also. Dad put up the Christmas Tree this week and decorated it. It is beautiful. We were expecting company so I was busy with other 'stuff'. We enjoy this season so much. In it is two family birthdays and our anniversary, so it is special.

Love you all,


Sweet deal Rachel! Christmas is such a beautiful season I like to celebrate it all month.
I'm going to see a live Christmas program this year at a dinner theater. Enjoy the season!

Love and blessings,

Esther said...

What neat pictures! Thanks for sharing! We'll be ready to see what you do with the ornaments!



Victoria Lynn said...

I love old glass ornaments and the ones that look old. I especially like the pink and blue ones. Your drawers are a great idea, how fun to peek through your collection!
Victoria Lynn

Eleanor said...

I haven't even thought of getting out my Christmas decorations yet! You have inspired me. I need to see how many Christmas glass balls I have. Maybe I can be persuaded into some new additions. Always fun. Oh and I left a tag for you on my blog!

Heather said...

I love Christmas balls too. What a great idea to store them in a drawer! Sure beats messing with those boxes twice a year! I do hope you show us what you do with them all!
I'm having a giveaway! Stop by!!
Have a great weekend!

Picket said...

I have always thought some of the prettiest Christmas trees were the ones covered with nothing but old Christmas balls and the lights...great storage idea!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

They are so beautiful. I still get very nastalgic when I look into blue balls and see my reflection. You see when I was a child my mother decorated our tree with only blue balls and tinsil, so I would look into those balls with the magic of a child's imagination and dream about Christmas morning!

Have a happy day! Sharon

Patti said...

Hi! Pretty pictures- thanks for the sharing. The drawer idea is great! Now if I could just find a drawer. I also have a collection of vintage glass ormnaments dating back to the 50's and 60's from my parents' tree. I love to put them out and I have a tree in my dining room that is nothing but those old ornaments.

KEITH said...