Friday, January 11, 2008

There's More Than Corn in Indiana

Hoosiers boast of great corn crops, however, I can't help but brag about our snowball. Mid December we had snow and this was a result of play (not mine, but kiddos!) in the backyard. The temp was frostbitingly cold, but in a few days everything warmed up a bit and the blanket of snow covering the ground was gone. Our four foot snowball stood frigidly and firmly frozen for a fortnight (just couldn't resist using another "f" word [yikes, that sounds bad] , but I meant 2 weeks). It really did!

....hhhhmmmmm, this summer, when it's 100 degrees, and the farmers are discussing their amazing yields of corn, maybe I'll show 'em this picture, and say, "EVERYTHING grows big in Indiana."

Snowball fight, anyone??


Esther said...

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that Keith called last night (2 or 3 times) excited about your blog. He told me he was sharing it with people at work and they all enjoyed it! Then right as he was hanging up, he said, "This is so pretty! The wallpaper reminds me of Mother!" I thought that was a really sweet thing for him to say and I just thought you'd like to know about it! Have a super fun day! Love you bunches! Esther

Donnie said...

I loved your hat of yesterday. We could wear out hats when we have our "tea party
I am still wondering what my "purpose of being" is. I have many goals but wheather that is my purose, I don't know. I strive at my best every day.
I am happy to let others enjoy the snow and snowball. I really enjoy seeing it fall and the sparkle of the diamonds dancing in it, but at a more "advanced age" not out in it.
Have a wonderful day,
Love you, Donnie

Rachel said...

OH Donnie, You are so sweet. I know sometimes it is hard to find our purpose, but I appreciate you always praying me. Don't forget how important that is! And keep setting goals. I do that too. Thank you for commenting on my blog. It means so much to me. <3 Rachel

Tina said...

love that snowball! Wish it would snow in East Texas! Cute blog!

Sandra Evertson said...

Great post!
Cute blog!
Sandra Evertson

Karla said...

Yeah, there's more than taters in Idaho, too. We've got more than our share of the white stuff right now. We really got dumped on this past week--probably a foot or more--but then it rained last night. :-P So while it's still white outside, it's a slushy, sloppy mess. How many days until spring?

Lib said...

I found you thru Hope at 2nd time around.
I Love your blog and enjoyed my visit.Hope you have a Great day.

Hope said...

Hi Rachel,
Now that's a BIG snowball!! We've only seen a few flurries here in VA and less than 1 inch accumulation. My grandkids tried to make a snowman and couldn't. My DH said he would like to at least have enough snow so that the kids wouldn't have to borrow snow from the neighbor's yard to make a snowman!! He also meant because our yard is so small too! LOL

I for one believe you meant 2 weeks! (Wink!)

Thanks for visiting me and come back soon!


My Big Brown Opinion said...

Wow! I'm trying to imagine how big it must have been before it got warm enough to melt the snow.

KEITH said...


Leanna Pitcher said...

Hello, Rachel! I just found out about your blog. I love the look and your postings! I will back often. I love reading blogs, which I think is my only hobby :) Would love to see ya'll!