Friday, January 18, 2008

There's A Winner Here!!!

I'm standing on the backporch ringing the dinner bell (we used to do that down South) to get everyone's attention. Ringalingaling......the winner of yesterday's comment drawing is... Elizabeth from The Shabby Romantic. CONGRATULATIONS, Elizabeth!! Please email me your address, and the little faux crystal ornament will be on it's way. You guys run, don't take time to walk, to your favorite magazine stand and find the latest issue of "Romantic Country". Her beautiful home is featured there, in the magazine, not at the magazine stand:), and I promise you won't be disappointed.

It was a ton of fun to put all the names of the "commenters" into a bowl (sorry the picture is blurry and supposed to be here NOT up there) and draw a name. I could hardly stand the excitement as I waited for the "official winner picker" to draw a name so I could see who would be chosen and I appreciate each one who took time to comment. It looks like the majority vote was for the lights to stay in the fabric, and so I thought after Valentine's day, I'll probably be changing the look up a bit for Spring (my all time FAVORITE season), but until then, the lights and candles and any other thing I can coax into sparkling and shining, are so comforting on these long Winter evenings. See the very first sparkling picture at the top...I wanted it here, Oh well, sigh... Karla, Martha, anyone?!

However, that brings me to the last thing I wanted to tell you. What I LOVE about January. Every year after Christmas has passed, I start to pay attention more closely to when it begins to get dark. Already, I can tell that it is starting to stay light a wee bit longer. Where we live, it is still fairly light now by 5:45 p.m. Just a few short weeks ago, it was dark closer to 5:00 p.m., and I'm celebratin' that fact, WOO HOO, by telling all of you! That friends, is my favorite thing about January. I really do, feel a little flutter of excitement in my chest, each time I notice it. Of course, I suppose my family may get tired of hearing me say, "Look, It really is staying light longer!! See!?"
I'm curious. What is your FAVORITE thing about January?
Have a fun day! Just incase you couldn't tell, I amused myself with all the font, bold, italics thingies today! And once again, thank you for taking time to comment yesterday! and today for that matter;)


Rachel said...

Good Morning, Everyone. Thank you so much for dropping by, I really appreciate your comments. I will do my best to respond. If you are NEW to blogging like I was just a few short weeks ago, and you don't have a "blog account" (scared me away!), just simply click the nickname button and put your name there. Click Publish Your Comment, and you shouldn't have any trouble. Thank you for asking me about that!

Esther said...

What gorgeous pictures you posted today! And your voting idea was really fun! And congratulations on learing new things on the computer! Love you! Esther

The Going Blog said...

What I love about January--My Birthday!! This whole dark thang really limits my shopping. David does not usually "let" want me out after dark so I'm thrilled to know that it won't always be this way :) I went out after dark, 6:45p.m., last night to buy groceries oooh. He wasn't thrilled about it. He said he would never forgive himself if something should happen. Gotta love a man that cares about little ol' me!

KEITH said...


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Well, this ole blogger learned something from you - a new blogger! I didn't know the nickname trick!

What do I love about January? That it is a time to assess our thoughts and make new plans. What I don't like - living here in Florida, January is usually our coldest month! But what I do like about the cooler days is - I can drink more hot tea to stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,
Again, you have a most beautiful display. They all have brightened my morning. Everyday I am eager to see what you have. Congratulations to they lucky lady who won the drawing.
I to, am eager for the days to start getting longer. I remember Mother was always eager for Groundhogs Day to come, Because, she said, "I can really tell the days have more sunlight."
Love you, have a good day. Donnie

Karla said...

My favorite thing about January? Every year, 2 weeks after Christmas, we celebrate a Very Special Blessing we received 15 years ago!!!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Rachel, Ive finished the book Captivating, and would be happy to send you my copy to read..Heres my email to contact me doll :)
Love to you , Jo-Anne

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Rachel, Ive finished the book Captivating, and would be happy to send you my copy to read..Heres my email to contact me doll :)
Love to you , Jo-Anne

Linda said...

My favorite thing about January is that it cools off here in Florida. However, today was quite warm!

Also, I like celebrating my husband's birthday in January.


Anny said...

Well, my favorite thing about January is the feeling that Winter is beginning to wiggle and squirm to awaken into Spring! We can start sensing the days getting longer; we start longingly watching the flowerbeds hoping to see the first little green heads of brave tulips and daffodils. And yet, we can still cozy up in our snug home for long family times together before the busy-ness of Summer arrives!

I'm loving your blog!

Karla said...

My post for the day is up. Finally! Better late than never, I guess.

Call me and I'll walk you through getting those pesky pictures to stay where you want them. It took me awhile to figure out how to do it.

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Hello Rachel,

Fun topic. My favorite thing about January is it's my dad's birthday month and we always set aside a day to spend together, just me and him. We sit at a restaurant for hours, and he tells me the same stories I've heard a thousand times. It doesn't matter though, cause I treasure that time together.


Denise said...

My favorite thing about January? National Hot Tea Month AND my birthday! Love drinking that tea and getting older beats thea alternative by a long shot - especially when there's fun things to do like reading blogs! ;)
Thank you for all your sweet comments and the birthday wishes!