Sunday, January 13, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS! You guessed it!

Wow! Ya'll are a ton of fun! Congratulations to all the correct answers. And thank you for participating in the "mystery object" guessing game! Yes, it is an antique glass doorknob. I collect them. They look gorgeous in our dish, but they work the best when correctly installed on the door! You probably already knew that though. I'm going to try to find some oval glass doorknobs. I've only seen them one time in an old house. And they weren't available to be collected by me! They were in use. Let me know if you've seen any!

Today I will worship and rest and be thankful for a healthy family. Have a Happy Sunday!


KEITH said...


Donnie said...

You are so intelligent, I've decided, Mother and Daddy, after raising the other 9 of us learned so much, when you came they just poured all they had learned into you! You are so creative, inspiring,etc..etc..etc.
I too, collect old glass door knobs. I have 10 and use them to hang the window treatments in my Garden Dinningroom.
Like your candles, as they shine, our day is dawning with bright sunlight, a welcome from yesterdays cloudy,misty,dreary day. God made them all, and each should be enjoyed as it is.
Have a Blessed day, Love you, Donnie

Hope said...

Hi Rachel,
What a fun game that was!! I love old doorknobs too. We had an old door on the front of our old house that had the glass panes and glass doorknob. Our front porch was closed in at that time with a regular locking door to it. The glass-paned door was an inside door. So when we opened up our porch we had to replace the door. We kept that door and I'm trying to figure out some place I can use it inside because I love it and don't want to part with it!

I would love to see more of your home. I love old houses. They have such history and character!

I loved all the comments and guesses, especially the Poe one! LOL


Esther said...

What a fun game! Thanks for sharing! Love, Esther

Daisy Cottage said...

Hi sweet Rachel! I LOVE glass door knobs too and wish I could find enough to restore our doors with them - over time Daisy Cottage's glass knobs were replaced by others before us. Hope you are having a wonderful night!

Sharon said...

Oh yea! I guessed it right! What a neat collection! Do you remember that Aunt Clara on Bewitched collected doorknobs??? Fun! I hope you can find your oval one, I will keep my eyes open for you!

:0) Sharon

Anonymous said...

Yours is by far the best blog out there for ladies to read (and trust me - I've read a bunch!) Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I agree with Donnie. The mystery object looks like a diamond - as beautiful as a gorgeous wedding ring. Great fun.

Rachel said...

Dear Donnie, I think Mother and Daddy poured everything they had into ALL 10 of us. We just reflect who we are in different ways. I DON'T SEE MYSELF AS YOU DESCRIBE ME. But thank you for the sweet compliment, and know how special you are too. Life is filled with seasons...some are fun, alot of them not so much, but I'm just trying to accept the challenge of doing the best I can for this minute, so when I've lived a life "full of minutes", I will know I've done the best I could. You are a strong,kind, amazing, faithful person. I'm glad you are my sister.