Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Do You Understand A Dog's Nose?

 I was not impressed
 when I discovered that the coon dog pup
had dug a basketball size hole
under the play set.
However, I was grateful
it was under the play set,
so I didn't have to see it every time
I walked into the backyard.
 Upon closer inspection,
 I realized
 that he had stopped digging
when he got to this glass bottle.
So I lifted it out with a shovel.
Why did the dog stop digging
when he got to the bottle?
Did he smell it?
And if he did smell it,
why now?
Why not months ago?
Once he saw it was a bottle
did he loose interest?
Did the smell dissipate?
I just don't understand a dog's nose.
Do you?
And he wouldn't answer any of my questions.
I have no idea how things like this get buried.
When I showed it to him,
I expected the pup to lift it off the shovel
 with his teeth and prance around
 the yard with his "trophy".
He just gave it a passing "ho hum" glance.
I said, "Good job pup. 
Next time dig up a million bucks."
I don't think he was listening.


Ella Ruth Going said...

Interesting and funny.

Donnie Pirtle said...

Interesting. I too wonder what my "Penny" puppy is smelling when she is smelling the air when we are going for a ride in the car, or she runs to the door and sniffs. God gave them their nose that sniffs, I do wonder what it tells them. Have a wonderful day.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I would go broke if I depended on Mele to smell anything of worth for me. Food is her only interest and she had never dug anything in her life. I have a feeling she is missing a lot in life. :)
Nope..do NOT understand a doggie's nose at all. BUT, I wish I had a sniffer as good.