Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Smile It Makes Your Face Look Better!

A couple of evenings ago, frost was predicted, so I moved the ferns from the yard to the porch. 
 Maybe I can enjoy them a few days longer.
Fall wind is blowing the seeds from the maple trees.
They spiral downward like an out of control helicopter.
I haven't swept them away.
I sat on the porch and took a photo of the carriage house in the fall, knowing the leaves could drop overnight
 and the flowers wilt with the singe of cold.
The flowers are showing signs of chill and soon the beds will be replaced with winter's frost.
The concept of fall is so lovely.
Carved pumpkins.
Hot cider.
October colors.
Chilly air.
I'm fighting the melancholy that sets in, knowing winter is on its way.
I will not complain.
I will smile.
It makes my face look better!
Are you loving this fall weather?


Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

First of all ...LOVE your HOUSE sister !!! Just beautiful and I love the ferns on the porch and I noticed the painted floor as well. UBER LOVE the colors.. I would come and hang out over there if I was near. HOPE that this Harvest season is a big blessing to you and your family.. GOD is GOOD ..and YES SMILE its great for the face and great for the SOUL

Donnie Pirtle said...

Beautiful pictures with the Autumn colors starting to show. Maybe the fern will find a new resting place inside the house in the bay window. That would help hang on to Summer a little longer. Have a wonderful evening.