Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mugs and Mugs of Piping Hot Cider!

I was watching darkness fall.
I was chilly.
I needed a jacket.
I was drinking hot cider on the porch.
I wanted to drink mugs and mugs of piping hot cider.
I thought the cider was so yummy.
I don't want Summer to end.
I realize it ended anyway!
I think Summer should listen to me.
I decided that Summer didn't listen and now it is Fall.
I wanted to capture the chilly evening.
 I wanted to embrace it.
 I wanted it to hold on a bit longer.
I don't want to lose the evenings on the porch.
I took a photo with my phone.
I saw steam rise from my mug of piping hot cider.
I wondered if the steam was captured in the photo.
I was excited to see that it was.

1 comment:

Donnie Pirtle said...

I love setting on that porch during the Summer, I have never sat there with a mug of cider in the chilly evening of Autumn, I know it would be wonderful. Have a wonderful day.