Thursday, October 24, 2013

Silver Bridge and other thoughts

 While delivering a survey drawing to a customer, in the country Northeast of our town, I came to this one lane bridge.
There was a beautiful old bridge in Mountainburg, near the school I attended, first through twelfth grade, that we called Silver Bridge.

So much water and time and memories have passed under the beams of the old Silver Bridge.
This bridge reminded me of it, and I stopped the car and stared.
There were no other cars in sight, so I simply sat and looked at the structure spanning the creek.
 It guided people only one way, coming or going, you had to take turns. 
The brass plate on one of the entry support beams said a bridge was originally erected here, in 1867, I believe.
Ah, the life that these creek waters have carried.
And the stories that have crossed this bridge, keep me wondering about the passage of time and life and the people who are born to each era. 
 When I tried to take a photo, the beams on the bridge obstructed my view.
So I crossed the bridge, turned around and came back. 
 I leaned out the window and captured this beautiful sight. 
And I thought about my perspective and attitude.
I've thought a lot about fulfilling my calling and my purpose for living.
I've thought a lot about why I have been born to this time.
How am I supposed to use my abilities for a greater good?
What difference can I make?
Each minute?
I could have let the beams of the bridge block my view and mar my vision.
I only needed to take action and turn the car around and go a different direction, to gain better perspective.
As each day passes, I realize more and more how my attitude is really about the only thing over which I have control. 
Is your attitude ever conflicted?
Does it seem to try to go both ways, good and bad,
 on the "one way bridge" of your emotions?
My attitude "drives" so many other actions of my life.
Sometimes I just have to turn around and get a different perspective.
Change directions.
Change plans.
Change actions.

Because sometimes, we have to choose a good attitude.

And sometimes we have to act our way into feeling a good attitude. 
It doesn't always just happen.

Do you think attitudes can be controlled...your own, I mean?
Can you change your attitude?


pse said...

Aww...but look what interest those beams add to the picture. Beautiful!

Betsy said...

Amazing picture, beautiful capture.
I am in control of my actions and behavior and not doing a very good job of getting a grip on them lately, gotta change my thoughts and change my attitude.