Monday, October 14, 2013

Community Bonfires and Warmth

I was determined that we would have at least ONE bonfire in October. 
I looked at everything that has to be done in October and I knew that Saturday might be the only night.
So, Saturday night, we finally accomplished a real live burning bonfire!
After a very rushed day of
 finishing surveying jobs,
 meeting with realtors,
 having the privilege of  helping with an It Works Global event,
  cleaning the dentist office,
attending a birthday party
 and donating bags to Goodwill,
 then we rushed through Walmart at break neck speed to gather "fixins" for chili dogs and smores!
By 8:30 Saturday night the fire was glowing
 and warm.
 I kept exclaiming how fun it was
 because I needed it to be meaningful and fun.
I needed us to have a memorable moment after the hectic.
We needed warmth.
We needed to reminisce.
As I threw more sticks onto the fire, I thought about Ancient times?
Ancient times?
Yeah, I did.
I've read about "community wells",
 where people went to get water
and visit
 and probably help each other
and encourage each other.
Water is necessary for living.
But so is heat
and fire
 and warmth.
However, I've never read about "community bonfires".
Community Bonfire:
A place where people would go to relight their kindling
 and take a small box of smouldering embers home to light the home fire.
Maybe I've had my head in the sand.
I've just never read those stories.
I know that fire and heat and warmth are necessary for life.
I should probably read about the history of fire.
And then I thought about myself.
Do I glow?
Do I radiate the warmth of joy...
of peace...
of happiness?
Or am I so caught up in my hectic Saturdays and Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays and other days
that I don't spread warmth
or cheer
or encouragement?
I am determined to live a life of meaningful "warmth" for others.
It takes intention,
and purpose.



esther said...

How sweet of you to work so hard to create beautiful memories! You definitely share joy and peace and happiness wherever you go. Love you!

Donnie Pirtle said...

Yes you do... spread warmth
and cheer
and encouragement. Have a wonderful day of it all.