Monday, October 7, 2013

A Solid Reminder From A Fireplace Mantle and A Faux Fire

Many times in the Fall of the year as the leaves began to turn,
 I remember my daddy stopping the car along the side of the dusty gravel road that led toward home.
Taking his pocket knife from his pocket, he would slice off a small branch of  leaves that he thought were particularly colorful and take them home to give my mother. 
 It seemed the star shaped Sweet Gum leaves were most vibrant.  I remember Mother acting so pleased and placing the branch of leaves in a vase of water and then sitting the vase in a prominent place to enjoy for several days.  
As Fall approached we would cut truck loads of wood for the fireplace that heated our home. 
We would save our paper chicken feed sacks and fill them full of small pieces of kindling wood to start a fire.
 As a child, I thought kindling was actually pronounced kinnillin.
 I guess it was actually pronounced that way around our house!
  It was important to have it on hand when the first chilly evening arrived.
Those days are seared in my mind.
 I wonder if I look back longingly or fondly or both? 
 we just switch the thermostat from Cool to Heat. 
 I don't know if that is better. 
 I will admit, in the moment,  it is easier in some ways.
   And because the old chimney in our home has yet to be restored, I keep jars of candles lit behind the fireplace grate. 
 It isn't safe to light a fire with real "kinnillin" and real tree wood, but it feels and looks cozy with the jars of lit candles, at least. 
There are so many wonderfully decorated mantles on pinterest and other decor sites. 
 I wanted my mantle to look all grown up and gorgeous too.  However, when I put the leaves in the white vase,
and thought of the life and love my parents shared for so many years,
 the hard times, the scary times, the good times and laughter,
 then I just stopped and left the leaves.
  My mantle doesn't need to be all grown up and gorgeous and festive and fancy.
  It just needs to remind ME of the important things that I need to be reminded of right now.

And the faux fire made with candles...I will keep them burning.
 Yes, I will keep the home fires burning.

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Donnie Pirtle said...

Beautiful! The beauty of the heart reflects in and from the home. Have a wonderful cozy evening around the fire.