Friday, October 4, 2013

I Had YOU In Mind! What's up with a coffee truck?

We did our best to work it out.
Round trip took seven hours. 
He asked me if I was ok just stopping for 15 minutes to get him
and then turning around and starting right back home. 
"Well yeah, of course." I said. 
"I came to get you, not hang out here."
He's thoughtful like that!
It was important to him to come home this weekend.
he brought things for me to fix like broken watches and such.
Actually a broken watch.
Just ONE little watch.
When we pulled in the drive at 2 AM (this morning) he handed it to me
and said he hoped I could fix it.
It was a touching mother/son moment,
to feel so needed.
I will add that to my resume:
 Watch repairer.
As I drove to get him, I amused myself for a while trying to get a photo of this coffee truck I was following.
Yes, I am easily amused.

I sent the photo to my husband. 
We were laughing.
I guess we are both easily amused.
Who hauls brewed coffee?
(I'm pretty sure, it was hauling fuel...for cars)
Then my brain twisted in consternation...
well, who hauls fresh milk?
fuel truck, coffee truck, milk truck
Coffee lovers~this is for you!
Brewed or not,
this "coffee truck" photo is for you.
Brought to you, compliments of the seven hour round trip
 and my silliness!


pse said...

I wonder what wouldn't be on your resume? As Naomi one time said, "we didn't know we were to wonder if we knew how to do a thing, if it needed doing, we just did it."

Donnie Pirtle said...

Did the truck have a nozzle you could fill your cup up with as you followed along behind him? That would have been thoughtful and helped to keep you awake! Have a wonderful evening.