Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Deck Flowers

School started last week.
That's right, last Wednesday.
July 31, 2013, to be exact.
Who starts school on July 31st?
Well, apparently we do!
Yes, US, WE, Weeuns, Youuns!
 (or however you spell those words)
Aren't the splotches of sunlight beautiful sprinkled across our neighbor's fence?
This past Saturday evening I walked out on the porch.
I thought of all the things I still needed to accomplish that day.
I thought of the week behind.
Sunlight was glinting on the fern and the fence.
I saw the deck flowers from a different perspective.
I pondered our summer.
I pondered our quickly passing year!
What more can I do to be more effective
as a wife, a mom, a sister, a brother, a friend?
Wait! What? A brother?
No I can't be a more effective brother, ever!
Whew!  I'm off the hook there!
Oh yeah, I'm busy alright.
But am I effective?
Have you heard of, "working smarter, not harder"?
That applies here.
I mean seriously, did I make a difference in someone's life this week?
I hope I did.
I saw people hurting.
As I stood on the porch,
 the bells from the church down the street, 
started their evening chime.
I hummed along as they rang out;
 "Oh love that will not let me go. 
 I rest my weary soul in Thee."
I sighed.
The bells chimed on...
seeming to say, "All is well.  All is well."
 I strive to gain a new perspective.

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Donnie Pirtle said...

Rachel, so beautifully written. I know you made a good difference in peoples lives.
The flowers and fence are so beautiful. Have a wonderful day.
P.S. I hope this will post, they have not being doing so.