Monday, August 19, 2013

Indianapolis Power and Light Building (along the journey)

After leaving our son at the University in Illinois, for his Junior year, on the return trip home we needed to take some measurements on a job downtown Indianapolis. 
The sun was setting and dusk was all around.
Once the job was squared away, we circled around beautiful Monument Circle.
Indianapolis Power and Light had their office building all lit up!
It was breathtaking with the full moon overhead and the flowers and fountains surrounding the monument.
The weather was perfect.
People were walking and chatting and riding the horse drawn carriages.
Cars were slowly weaving in and out around the activity of the circle.
A group of motorcycles lined the sidewalk and some of the riders were simply sitting on their bikes looking around, taking in the sight.
We circled the monument two or three times and I managed to hastily snap this photo.
It will always be etched in my memory.
I have pondered God's faithfulness for many years.
He is faithful when we can't see.
He is faithful when we can't feel.
He is faithful when the path is different that we choose.
So I  ponder this, do I really believe?
It's easy to flippantly spout off the cliche that He's faithful.
Can I say this from the depths of my being?
Do I truly believe?
Do I live like I believe?
When times are tough,
when I face the fears of uncertainty,
when I realize that I don't know my future path,
the journey I will walk?
Yes, HE is faithful.
I have to rely on my past experiences where HE has been faithful to me.

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Donnie Pirtle said...

Many, most, times we don't see, know or understands the "whys". I do have faith and trust God and He knows and has all the answers. I, we, don't have to have them IF we know, believe and trust Him.
Beautiful picture, have a wonderful day.