Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tending To Life

 I pulled into the drive of my brother's farm.  As my eyes scanned 80 acres of dirt,  there in the distance across the freshly plowed soil worked a lone figure, a man.
The setting sun made a picturesque silhouette.
I saw the silhouette of a man who was tending freshly planted seeds; potatoes, onions, corn and beans. 
 I saw a man who was tending the soil. 
 I saw a man who was tending his investment.
I saw a farmer.
And yet I saw so much more.
I saw wisdom.
I saw sheer grit.
I saw determination.
I saw the fragility of life.
I saw a reminder that the work we do is in God's hands.
When the conditions are right the harvest will come.
That is what I need to remind myself today.
I will keep doing the right things.
I will make adjustments when they are necessary.
Across the mighty landscape of life, I may be a lone figure, etched on the surface of my mission, my purpose,
but I am tending my projects, my investments, tending to life.
Waiting for harvest.
It will come.
It will come, in its time.


Salmagundi said...

Sometimes it is so hard to be still and wait on the Lord. Good reminder in your post today. Sally

Donnie said...

Another WOW! How many can there be? This is so touching, even if and when we are "a lone figure, toiling at our
daily lives and responsibilities, God is there and directing the outcome. I'm so thankful I have Him to walk with.
Have a wonderful day.

Ana said...

Beautiful words Rachel. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.


Willow said...

Rachel how inspiring. The picures of your brother tending to his freshly planed seeds really make the point too. Thank you.