Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh, Oklahoma!

Prayers are being said for family and friends and those affected by the devastating tornadoes that hit the Southwest yesterday and the day before. The resilience and strength of the people of Oklahoma never cease to amaze me. 
I am thankful that there are people who can go help them in this difficult time. 
I pray for comfort and strength for all the ones involved.
Indiana Task Force One was put on alert yesterday afternoon, and one of my customers who was supposed to arrive at 6:30, had to reschedule in order to get her husband to the airport.  It is so wonderful that there are people who can simply drop what they are doing and go help on a moments notice.
My husband was born in Oklahoma.  All nine of my siblings were born in Oklahoma. Both sets of our parents were born or raised in Oklahoma, so we both have "roots" through family and friends reaching deep into the heart of this state. The sorrow that has blanketed Oklahoma in the last several hours has reached our heart and the hearts of people all across the United States.
I am sad.
I am praying.
Hold your family close. 
Love like it is your last moment.
Yesterday truly was a detour kind of day.


Donnie said...

Wonderfully stated. One can't really understand how awful unless we have walked in those shoes. Prayer are with them.

Judy said...

Well said! My heart breaks for all, and they are all in my thoughts and prayers.