Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Tea Party!

" OK Momma, it's time for our tea party!" she said. My mind began to race. For starters I was exhausted, though I usually don't use that as an excuse to not do something. Second I still had dishes that I was washing from supper, it was time to start the bedtime routine AND I didn't have scones baked, raspberry tea all ready or crisp cucumber sandwiches in quick supply.
She sensed my hesitancy. Or could she hear those violins quietly playing in the background and the soft spring wind gently fluffing the edges of the tablecloth as the window boxes full of flowers swayed in the breeze...I mean isn't that what everyone pictures when they think of a tea party. Oh my, I just was not prepared...has fallen so so so far behind. Well AND it was cold and dark and snowy and oh so frosty frosty cold. Where could we set the fancy table?
"Come on," she said, "all we have to do is move the books on the window seat. If we work together, it will go fast!" We quickly moved our reading books and in a flash she had the table set with water for tea and "fake fruit" as she called it. She invited the two princes to dine with us. Mr. Mousey Prince and Mr. Leopard Prince, but she reminded me that we had to eat their food, "because you know they aren't real." So there we sat, right where she had sat and had tea with one of her aunts a few days earlier, laughing and giggling, eating our fake food and the two Princes' food too. We took silly pictures of ourselves and she reminded us to be much more ladylike.
For me this will always be a memory. It was such a quick and easy thing to do at the end of a tired busy day when the work is not done. But the work is never done, and one day she'll be gone and I'll still have dishes to wash and clients to satisfy. But that night I learned just how much fun an impromptu tea party with water for tea and "fake fruit" for food, can be!
I wonder if it will always be a memory for her too.
Just in case you were wondering, Prince Mousey is hiding behind a plate over there at the edge of the picture.
What impromptu things have you done lately?
Love, Rachel


Mom Going said...

What a fun tea party. You are so right, those moments pass so quickly. Love you all

Connie said...

Well, sugar, I'm loving your choice of colors!! Hah. Pink and purple do it for me, chickee.

Esther said...

What a fun thing to do! Dishes and "tired" is always with us! I'm glad you were able to stop and enjoy being with Little Miss Princess! She's precious!

Love you both!

Rita said...

I'm so glad you chose the tea party! I can tell you, they are gone all too soon and those memories will sustain you when they are up and off! We moved close to my eldest and oh what fun we have had with them playing cards and games on Friday nights. It has brought back many memories of when they were at home.

Ronda said...

My Cassie loves just those kind of tea parties...dolls, bears, little tea sets and any simple food on hand...precious memories! You are a wonderful Mommy! :)

Char said...

Aren't children amazing in their ability to make us take a step back? I once read that the universes' way of telling us to slow down is when a child needs our attention, when a pet comes to us to play, and when our spouses need a hug or a cuddle. It's true you know. I am grateful to the universe today. Through your post, it has reminded me to slow down.
Thank you.

***Jeannie said...

oh Rachel. What a sweet moment for you and your girl. You especially! You are a great and wonderful mom.

I used to blog as 'dreamerjean' and have moved on to a new blog. Visit me from time to time... I will be in touch. I am getting ready for a coffee and tea party, would you be interested?

***jeannie a.k.a. dreamerjean

English Cottage in Georgia said...

How sweet! The unplanned, impulsive activities bring the greatest moments and memories.

Amy said...

Very sweet! Glad you had the tea party.

I think you asked me a question if I had a porch. I have a little porch and making it do. I am in the process of looking for the perfect furniture to sit on my porch. I LOVE porches and am sad that new houses no longer have porches.