Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Joys of January

I just heard the courthouse clock chime the distinct gong gong gong of another hour. Still it resonates purposefully in the crisply frigid morning air. It is dark and cold. However, I certainly don't question the time.
Two of my children came to me at separate times in the middle of the night to tell me something they thought was important or express a need. Then they were back to bed and sound asleep. There I was, wide awake, thinking. I'm so glad they could come to me. The years are passing quickly and I realize the time will come they won't wake me in the night.
I'm glad they have a warm bed and a roof over their heads. I hope they felt safe and loved. I remember waking my mother all those years ago. I never realized when I awakened her, it might be the last wink of sleep she would have for many many hours. Oh my, she worked so hard, so tirelessly. And I may have snipped away her only rest with one immature request.
And so wide awake in the darkness, I thought about the year that has passed.
I've heard gobs of people say what a hard year it was. I would agree, but it's history now.
I'm a list maker, a note taker, a schedule planner, a "thoughts writer". But as life has carried me along just like the crisp air carried the time from the courthouse clock, (well now that analogy made absolutely no sense whatsoever, but I continue) I realize that so many times the needs and wishes of others truly take precedent to what is on my list or my schedule and honestly I struggle to get everything done. Well, I don't get everything done. I remind myself that life is filled with phases and seasons.
The purpose of the courthouse clock beautifully displayed high on the clock tower is to inform the downtown citizens of the current time. I depend on the chiming gong gong gong of the new hour.
I reflect on my life's purpose. Is it simply to check off my list or keep my schedule? Those are important. But I am called by a purpose much larger than who I am or the lists I make. Can my husband and children and others depend on me?
So after going on and on about lists and schedules and purpose, I will tell you one my greatest joys in the month of January...seeing the daylight hours slowly grow just a little longer. It makes the long shadows of winter whisper ever so faintly of spring! Yay! Spring!
I hope your new year is already flickering with joy!
Love, Rachel


Donnie said...

Dear Rachel,
What beautiful thoughts, I love
reading them. They make me think deeper.
Enjoy, and I know you do, your "little ones" coming to your
bedside during the night. All to soon they will be out on their own and not there to come for a word to
calm their nights needs.
I pray you will all have a healthy, blessed and grateful New Year.

Esther said...

A beautiful picture! And sweet thoughts! Thank you for sharing. I'm glad your winter days are starting to show signs of the coming Spring!

Love, Esther

Rita said...

Our little ones grow up all too quick! It seems we blink and wonder where all the years went. So enjoy while you can and cherish all these memories. Bless you in this new year!