Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey! What Are You Waiting For?

Here they are, all 44 of them standing in a line waiting, yes waiting for the palace restroom!
Sometimes don't you feel like you are waiting too?
...waiting for Spring!
...waiting for a new job!
...waiting for the house to sell.
...waiting for a relationship to mend.
...waiting to go on a dream vacation.
...waiting, waiting, waiting...
and then missing out on life
the reality
the here and now.
Helen Keller penned a thought that went something like this:
(and I'm sorry for not getting it correct)
she wanted to be someone great and do great things, but she realized that greatness came from the small tasks and the ordinary accomplishments.
Can you imagine? Helen Keller! I admire her so much and she considered what she was doing to be so ordinary.
And so I remind myself to not be so focused on wishes that I can't enjoy the ordinary.
I frequently say that this is just a season.
It will soon pass.
Change is certain.
Things won't always be this way.
AND they won't!
I've lived long enough to realize that.
So I take a step back and look at the big picture. I remind myself of the goal, the end result and realize that it is all formed within the "small tasks and ordinary accomplishments".
And while I'm waiting...I'm not gonna miss a moment of life...I'm gonna breathe in this frosty and overcast January air and be thankful that I can!
Love, Rachel


Rebecca said...

Rachel...this is just beautiful my friend. I love Miss Keller, too. I did a report on her in 8th grade and learning all about her was indeed inspiring.

Thanks for reminding me today of what's important.

Love, Rebecca

Esther said...

What a beautiful reminder to live each moment to its fullest! Thank you!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Esther

Claudia said...

I love what you wrote today, Rachel. Thanks for reminding us to live in each moment of the day.


Rita said...

Rachel, sometimes we wait toooo long even when we don't mean to. When you get older, you realize just how short life is. That's why we don't need to wait, but live life to the fullest while we can. In later years it gets harder to do some of the things that you wished you had done earlier. Hellen Keller is such an inspiration with what she did with her life! Thanks for the reminder!

Stella said...

Thanks for reminding what is important in life. The small moments. Today I am so thankful for sunshine. We have had foggy gray days for two weeks. Have a wonderful week. Stella

Lynn said...

Excellent post! Have a wonderful week.

michelle b said...

hi rachel!!
just stopped by your wonderful blog and saw the photo of the restroom line up! hilarious!

thanks for the chuckle!!