Saturday, August 23, 2008

What? UPDATED: The joke is on me!!!!

I know what this is! Do you? Let me know what you think. I'll be back to tell you soon!

Have a fun Saturday! Is it busy today for you, or a lazy fun day?

Love, Rachel


I said I knew what this little insect is! Well after the responses suggested a cicada, I figured I better not be so sure of myself and do a little research. You see where I grew up in the Southern USA, (well it's south if you live in the north, but it's Midwest if you live in the east and it's east if you live in the west!!!) Did you get all of that? Anyway, in Arkansas, we called these little bugs "locusts", and they have always fascinated me. But when I googled a locust, I found a picture and description of a grasshopper! Imagine my astonishment. But when I googled cicada, I saw a photo of you guessed it................this amazing little bug! In my defense though, the nickname for cicada IS locust!

{smiling smugly ;p}

Last Saturday when I snapped this picture, the bug had just emerged from its' shell to dry and begin an adult life. What amazes me is that we had just parked this car in the driveway a mere 3 hours earlier, and I see no way the "nymph" could have been hanging onto the tire while we drove 65 miles an hour on the interstate. Could it possibly have emerged in 3 hours or less?

So well now, the joke is on me!!! I was going to tell you it is a locust, but instead, I'm now "highly educated" (said as a joke) in this species of insect, and I will tell you it is in fact a cicada! As we'd say in Arkansas, "Y'all were right!"

See it still sitting on the shell? Aren't these wings beautiful?

Love, Rachel


~Nancy~ said...

It appears to be an emerging cicada. We had our "crop" this summer. I was glad when they finished their cycle and the humming stopped.

Rue said...

Good morning Rachel :)

Cicada?? ewwwwww....


Ronda said...

Corey said that he thought it was a cicada, too! Cool photography! :) Today is our day to get everything organized before school starts on Monday(since you asked!). We plan to also "relax"! Hope that you all are having a fun weekend!

Cladie said...

Well like Cole Porter's song goes...Birds do it, bees do it even centipedes do it let's do it..let's fall in LOVE.
Not sure what they are since we do not have Cicada's here in Canada but they look like Yellow Jackets to me.
Love your blog I'm new here.

Esther said...

That picture is amazing!!! HOW that 'real' bug got out of that 'not-real' one is just totally beyond me! Talk about being at the right place and the right time! Wow! That picture is really neat!

Have a great weekend.

Love, Esther

KEITH said...


Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Well, a-course it's a locust! Anybody from our neck of the woods could tell you that! What I want to know is what camera you used to take the picture? What lens and what setting? That is just amazing!


Shanda said...

Hi Rachel, Nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting.
We too had those bugs where I grew up in southeast Missouri. We call them dry flies. They start to sing at dusk in late summer when it starts to get dry. My dad says that when you hear your first dry fly sond, you can count 60 days on the calendar and it will be frost.
I never can remember to check this and write it down. Something to ponder anyway.
See Ya,

She's Gone Fishin said...

Story has it these little boogers don't have much of a life...Well I take that back! Their sole purpose is to mate then die. They emerge from the ground only to mate then die and supposedly they have no mouth; so they can't talk while mating? I love the noise they make while trying to attract the opposite (or same) sex and wish we had more of them here in NM. I like the Katydid song too.
Peace out
gail&callie =^..^=