Monday, August 4, 2008

August Featured Porch...or Romantic Terrace!

You know how much I love romantic porches. As the sweltering heat of August and beautiful rays of intense summer sunshine begin their ascent toward fall, I have a perfectly refreshing and cozy place of relaxation and repose to share with you.
The photo above shows what Kathryn Bechen calls her Tea Balcony by the sea, which overlooks the beautiful Hyatt resort in the center of sunny San Diego, CA. For the 28th anniversary of her marriage to her husband Steve, she prepared this delightful private dinner and served it here on her "tea balcony." I ask you, "How could anything be more romantic?"
Kathryn's blog inspires me in many ways. I have learned she is a professional organizer and I'm inspired to glean tidbits of organizational skills from her. She is also a published writer who inspires me to be a better writer and more "in touch" with those who read what I write.
If you love to visit Bed and Breakfast Inns, Kathryn is the friend and B&B advisor for you! She and Steve have visited 63 Bed and Breakfasts in 17 U.S. states, and she has recently started a new blog called Bed and Breakfast Bliss to share those adventurous occasions. Since I have never had the opportunity to visit a B&B, I enjoy living those experiences vicariously through her, and the last B&B she shared with her readers was the ultimate!

I know you will enjoy meeting this lovely lady and learning about the diversity of her life experiences. Kathryn has given me permission to use the photographs of her terrace, and you will see them on her blog also.

Have a wonderful August day sweet readers, and if you get too hot, just drop by Kathryn's "Tea Balcony," for a cool refreshing breeze and maybe some yummy strawberries!

Love, Rachel


SentimentsbyDenise said...

Good morning, lovely lady! I'm so glad you're an early riser like me.
Thanks for sharing this friend with us - her site is amazing.

We've frequented a B&B in southern Indiana several times and enjoy its charm so much. You and the man will have to venture out - I know you'll love this experience!


Ronda said...

I absolutely LOVE B+B's so I am excited to look at the website that you shared. The photos of her romantic dinner on the terrace were beautiful! Some people really know how to enjoy life, don't they? Hope that you are having a fabulous Monday...

cityfarmer said...

Big Sigh!!!!!!

I am sure you'd enjoy my kitchen cupboard makeover....

let's chat

donnie said...

A beautiful refreshing picture. A big bowl of big, sweet and jucie strawberries surely would taste good on this day of 107* with a 117 heat index. Just think, Winter and freezing weather will be here soon!
Have a wonderful day, Love you,

Kathryn Bechen Ink said...

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for the lovely post about my terrace and I hope all of your readers enjoy my photos, website, and my two blogs as much as we all enjoy your Christian spirit and your lovely Romantic Porch blog.

Love, Kathryn

Esther said...

What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them and the B&B information. That sounds like so much fun!

I hope your day has been wonderful!

Love, Esther

Kathi said...

Oh Rachel, That is such a romantic tea balcony. I would love to do that for my husband. I love your photos. I'm sorry you have had trouble leaving comments. Thank you so much for being persistant. Kathi

Farrah said...

I have only been to one B&B, and it was WONDERFUL!! I hope to return someday! :-)

Thank you for the info!

Eleanor said...

I thought I recognised that lovely romantic porch! I enjoy reading Kathryn Bechen's blog and newsletters. She is also a lovely lady who encouraged me most generously when I began blogging. Have a lovel day!