Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today's What! (Updated)

Yes, what is this? Maybe I should do a little research to make sure I know. Remember how last Saturday went?
I'll be back later!
Love, Rachel
Yep! You're right. It is pepper. And my oh my I'd say you got creative with your answers!
Yes, of course, I'd love to have a salsa recipe. And how do you make roasted peppers? They sound yummy!
I hope your day was fabulous! Or can I just say fabo?
See ya!


Esther said...

A peck o' peppers would be my guess, but what specific kinds, I have no idea! They're pretty, for sure!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Love, Esther

Lynn said...

Rachel, I love reading your blog. I, too, sense fall in the air, but I'm still enjoying warm weather and summer.

I LOVE the pictures of the truck with all the STUFF on back. Wow. That's all I can say is wow. :)

Have a wonderful Saturday,

She's Gone Fishin said...

Looks like pretty Rachel picked a peck of pretty peppers and the pretty peppers that pretty Rachel picked got picked to have their picture posted by the peck so pick which one is pretty picked by pretty Rachel and we'll roast it. I say we roast them bad boys over fire, peel the skins off and slap them puppies on a flour tortilla. They look like Serano chilis like we grow everywhere here and roast this time of year here in NM. Ahhh nothing beats the odor that hangs in the air here when green chilis are roasting. I've always claimed that if someone made a cologne that smelled like roasting chili I'd wear it...maybe "green chili ice cream"? I'll give ya a good salsa recipe if you want. We here in New Mexico love our green chili.

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Green peppers.

As my sister from She's Gone Fishin so but it.

You can make a great salsa. Or a pack of pickled peppers.


KEITH said...


Tracie~MPMaison said...

I say peppers too. Anaheim, jalapeno and bells. They're all favorites in this house.

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Rachel,
Hope you and your family are having a relaxing weekend so far! We are running around like heads with our chickens cut off, the wedding is only a week away now, YIKES! We are heading over to the in laws house to decorate the trees with twinkle lights and hang lanterns etc. on Sunday. My hubby welded up a huge arbor for the kids to get married under, I will post about it after the wedding! It turned out so wonderfully.

Take care and I will come visit you more after things quiet down around here...maybe sometime in 2009? HA, I sure hope not...
Donna Lynn