Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You Can Fix A Zipper Too

One of the brides that I'm working with broke the tab off of her zipper on her wedding dress. She was using a paper clip and a ribbon to pull the zipper.
Rather than replace the entire zipper I suggested to her that I could make a "tab" by creating a cord from thread that went through a beautiful glass bead. You can fix the tab on any zipper this way. As you know zipper tabs are usually made from aluminum and can be quite brittle and easily broken.
She loved how it looked when I was done.
Is anyone else having trouble with getting blogger to allow modification to font size and placement and other things? It won't let me highlight features to add URL links etc. It's not a big deal I guess, but it messes with my "perfectionist brain"! Ha Ha. Make it a great day anyway!


Donnie said...

Beautiful! Even I have never thought to do that. That would be pretty to do on "fancy" dresses even when the zipper tab isn't broken, just take it off and put the bead tab on. Have Fun on your Spring Break. Love you.

Laurie said...

That is lovely. So much prettier than the metal tab!

Anonymous said...

What a perfectly beautiful idea!!!
I have a zipper that has lost the little bottom metal piece that goes into the pull tab to zip up the jacket. Do you have any fantastic suggestions on how to fix this?

I wish I could help you with the issues you have with blogger but don't have a clue-

bee blessed