Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This Makes NO Sense To Me

This tree is in glorious full bloom at our house. It is gorgeous...lovely...definitely springish...
we kept smelling a scent similar to a dead animal and we realized it is the blossoms on the tree!

Since then we have noticed that these beautiful trees blooming in so many places around town...ALL stink!

So we just hold our breath and enjoy their beauty. Still it makes no sense to me at all.

Do your Spring blossoms entice you to sniff their fragrance?


skoots1mom said...

that's a bradford pear tree for ya...they stink but are gorgeous!

Leslie said...

I noticed that today, too. yuck--never new they stunk, But you know, I think skunks are pretty, too.

Anonymous said...

My in laws had a tree like this right at the front entry- I couldn't stand to go there when it was blooming! I think I would have had to tear it out as I have such a sensitive nose!