Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Baby

The word circulating among the local "kinfolk" was that Uncle had new baby calves at the farm. After all, what's Spring without calves.
So I told our daughter that when I got home from work I would take her to see the calves. With a soft high pitched voice, she said, "Aaahhh, really? I've always wanted to touch a cow." I glanced back to her as my heart sorta stuttered inside. My daughter...born to the girl who grew up in the mountains of Northwest Arkansas, with all things "farmish", milking goats and gathering eggs to name a few...well SHE, MY daughter, longed to simply "touch" a cow!

As the sun began its' rapid descent and dusk folded layers of shadows around us, we headed west out of town to "touch the cows". It was worth it!

Do you enjoy the baby animals of Spring?


Donnie said...

Yes, yes, yes! So soft to touch. Just the sights and sounds and a different smell, from winter, in the air. Have a wonderful spring day. Love Donnie

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Hope it was all she imagined and more! Love you both! Esther

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

That happens to me sometimes, too. I forget that my girls haven't necessarily experienced all the "ordinary" things we took for granted when we were growing up.