Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

When the coffee spills and things just don't go the way you plan, they love you anyway. That's right, siblings. Everyone needs at least one brother and one sister, I think!
I am very blessed to have a whole collection of brothers and sisters! We come in many shapes and sizes and have a LOT of ideas among us! Today is one of my sister's birthday. This is the last sister to celebrate a birthday this year. I call her "beautiful star", but her name is Esther. You always understand when the coffee spills! Happy Birthday to my sweet sister!
Love, Rachel


Dori said...

Happy Birthday Esther! I love you!

salmagundi said...

How fortunate you are!! I'm an only child. Happy Birthday, Esther. Sally

Victoria Lynn said...

You are so blessed to have many siblings! Happy Birthday to Esther (I love your name, it's very "queenly")!
Have a fabulous weekend!
Victoria Lynn

Glenda said...

Happy Birthday Ester.

Your link on Donna Lynn is missing the 'm' in com, so it doesn't take you to her beautiful site.


cityfarmer said...

this was so reminded me to send out my sis's card for Nov 1

beautiful blog, lady!!!!!

Esther said...

How sweet of you, Rachel!! You make me feel special!

And thanks for all the happy wishes!

Love you!

Sharon said...

Happy birthday to your sister! What a cute post!

Thank you for your sweet comments about my son's wedding! We had such a great time!

Hugs, Sharon

KEITH said...


Debbie said...

Sisters are the best! Birthday parties in our large family are always so fun. Things are lively with all the brothers and sisters getting together. I hope Esther had a wonderful day.

CIELO said...

A sweet happy birthday to Beautiful Star.... and many blessings to beautiful Rachel!


Tracie~MPMaison said...

Hi Rachel,
I am losing it... I could have sworn that I left a message on this post and said Happy Birthday to Esther already... maybe it was all a dream? You are so blessed to have lots of brothers and sisters. What a lovely sister you are for all of them and a dear friend too.