Thursday, October 23, 2008

Handy Little Gadget

A friend was throwing out her leftover yard sale stuff. Did I want any of it she asked me? Well, I looked and looked and came across this handy little thingy that is pictured above. Is it a planter or a shelf? I decided to use it as a shelf right by the's a perfect place to set a hot cup of coffee when your hands are full.

I thought about painting it white of course, but hhhmmm....maybe I'll just leave it this rusty reddish brown color...I kinda like it's drabbiness. Is drabbiness a word? What do you think? Should the shelf be painted white?

Oh, and another thing that I retrieved from my friend's sale castaways is the beautiful ivory soup tureen that is shown in the post below. Yep, the one right behind the pink porcelain baby shoe. I can't wait to serve a big pot of soup from it. Just think, two items that she was throwing out, I will use and I love them!

Do you recycle?

Love, Rachel

note to self..."no, drabbiness isn't a least I don't think so...spell checker doesn't think so either...oh well, tah tah for now


Cathy Miller said...

Oh, leave it drabby. I think it's fabby! tee hee!!

salmagundi said...

So many times I'm caught by the door with too many things in my hands. How clever of you to put a pretty shelf there. Also, love the tureen! Sally

The Going Blog said...

With a friend like that who needs the store Home Goods! :-) I do kinda like the rusty red color of the shelf.

Sharon Kay said...

You found some real treasures and I wished she was my neighbor. Just found your blog and love it. I will be back often

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

What kind of soup are you going to Make?
One mans trash is anothers treasure:)

Esther said...

I like it just like it is. But I would probably like it white too!
I guess you can enjoy it this way until you're tired of it and then paint it white!

Love you!

KEITH said...


Victoria Lynn said...

That is so great that you got those things for free from your friend! And the bonus is you'll think of her each time you use them! I just love all the things that I've traded with friends...every time I look at them it's like getting a hug! That soup tureen is wonderful!
Have a blessed week...I am joining you in prayer for the upcoming elections...
Love and hugs,
Victoria Lynn

tricia said...

Rachel, I have the same shelf. However, I did not find mine at a garage sale leftover cleanout. I paid full price for it. Which was about $20. I think it looks beautiful there. Love ya

A.D. said...

Your little shelf thing is made by Southern Living, a home party company. You have it right; it is a shelf. They are expensive full price, so you got yourself a deal!