Wednesday, April 30, 2014

To The Groom

See the man in the middle?
Yes, the handsome one.
  I don't tell you enough how amazing he is. 
I know him well! 
 As he stood there,
with those other men,
 I wanted to jump up and down
 and yell out a good ole' high school cheer,
 but I just quietly held my phone,
down low,
 and snapped a photo,
 as I blinked back tears
 and hoped the picture wasn't blurry.
And all those years ago,
 when I stood in a fluffy white dress, 
 at the end of the aisle,
with flowers on one arm,
 and my hand clutching Daddy's elbow,
 waiting for the church bells to ring six times,
so we could take the walk down the aisle to HIM,
the one in the middle,
 who wasn't in the middle then,
 but oh so front and center
 and MY groom. 
 There he stood
 much like he is in this photo,
 handsome, smart, witty, diligent and loyal
 and I was in love,
over the moon,
head over heels,
heart racing,
jittery, quivery,
melt my heart,
 or so I thought.
But I found out
 that love is way more than what I felt that day,
 that moment when my heart was pounding
 with excitement and joy.
I found out that love is...
the frustrated moments
 sad moments
 happy moments
 gut wrenching moments
 I don't know what to do moments
 eyes meeting across the room moments
I don't have another single idea moments
the praying moments
 I'm sick of this moments
 I'm tired moments
 your hand holding mine moments
 can you believe this moments
 catch you off guard moments
I can't take one more thing moments
And I found out 
 in all these moments,
that you have each others back.
Your arms are linked.
You've got this...
It's solid.
It's love.
Life is a roller coaster. 
I don't know if we are going up
going down...
but I know we are definitely
And the handsome one in the middle...
I'm still in LOVE.
Yep, I would walk down the aisle all over again
and do THIS LIFE all over again
with HIM.
Just HIM.

And the other day when he said he just didn't like himself very much,
and I wanted to cheerfully quip,
"Well, it's a good thing I do then."
Instead I just reached for his hand.
Nope, it's not our anniversary.
He's just that amazing!


Judy Edmundowicz said...

Both of you are so special! I'm blessed to know you.

Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful post!


Donnie Pirtle said...

WOW!! And holding on to God for all those moments. Beautifully written.
Have a wonderful day.

Denise said...

I remember your before-you-walked-down the aisle time! You were so romantic back then too...and you had captured his heart and your love made his mama glad. She was so proud of all the sweet little sentimental things you did for him! And you would bounce into their home (you with your adorable curly hair and charming little hats) and his eyes would shine and I would think, "My! That is what it is to be madly in love!Just like a story book!" I wasn't part of the family ~ just an MK passing through on deputation but your mother in law was The Best Parsonage Hostess EVER and we felt like we were! You are a sweet and wise little lady to remember how special your groom still is. :)