Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No Foolin' Here

 "Are you foolin' me?" 
 I chuckled to myself
 as I looked out the  upstairs window
 of the sleeping porch. 
 The redbone coon hound pup
had perched himself on the
 or "teetertotter"
 or the "up and down thingy"
 of the play set. 
 Yeah, what do you call that thing? 
Have you ever seen a dog on a playground?
 Well, there he sat, pretty as could be. 
He had scooted the board sideways and off track.
 He seemed quite proud of his accomplishment. 
 He saw me taking his picture too,
 and slowly looked away,
 then slowly back again.
No I'm not foolin'.
  I was overjoyed to see
 that there is green grass peeking through
all the brown in the lawn!
How does that happen?
The earth has been frozen solid for weeks
and yet the roots revive with the slightest hint of warmth and sun.
For about "five glorious seconds" I could almost believe
that Spring is just around the corner!
 That's no foolin' either!
Soon we will be doing more
 than walking back and forth
 across the floor boards of the porch,
from the door to the steps
and the steps to the door,
 as the temperature warms up
 so will the awesome conversations we have here.
 the other day, was asking about my blog.
Why I've been silent they wanted to know.
I overheard my husband's response.
 he said, 
 "she hasn't been gone because she wants to be gone. 
 And it's certainly not because she's been sitting around doing nothing."
ah I LOVE him...I'm gonna keep him
My husband says to tell everything!
No foolin'.
What do you do when the ideas won't stop?
Your brain is full?
well sort of
Your heart is full?
yes certainly
The stories keep coming?
Life keeps happening?
There is so much adventure
and sorrow
and joy
and insight
and love
and highs
and lows
and change
and above it all a place of
quiet Peace.
What do you think about it all?


Salmagundi said...

Happy to have one of your insightful posts to wake up to this a.m. Missed you. Sally

Donnie Pirtle said...

I think about you being such a good insightful writer! Looking for more as you sit on your Romantic Porch and ponder what to write about next!
Have a wonderful day.