Thursday, April 3, 2014

Funny Face!

 Isn't cropping photos an amazing thing?  
 I remember cropping photos in high school
 the "old fashioned" way with a slide rule "gizmo thingy".
I think we called it a "cropper".
  And even back then I thought it was amazing.
It is one of the fun things about photo editing...
in my opinion.
  A cropped photo can certainly change your perspective.
It can tell a different story.
 A  "cropped mind set" can form your perspective too.
Perspective is the way WE see things,
not the way our spouse sees things,
nor the way our children see things.
And OUR perspective comes from
our experiences,
our emotions,
our current circumstances,
our current peer pressure.

I enjoy trying to see life from different perspectives.
In my mind I imagine a different scenario and try to think how I might see things differently if the situation were changed.
I try to feel and see things the way others may feel and see.
I know ultimately it is impossible, but it is fun to try.
Just like cropping a photo!
Is it hard for you
to put yourself in another person's situation
and try to see things from their perspective?

1 comment:

Donnie Pirtle said...

I saw this yesterdays but didn't take time to write. The problem is, we can't really stand in someone else's shoes to know what our perspective would be if we were in that place. Have a wonderful day!