Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm Finally Revealing the Truth. I've Been Married Twice!

There are way too many memories for one blog post.  The conversation started on the porch late last Thursday evening, when my husband started reminiscing about our rehearsal dinner at the park.  We were married on Friday evening that year at 6 p.m.  With our anniversary falling on Friday, it seemed easy to recall the events as they happened. 
 After the rehearsal on Thursday, everyone from both sides of the family who were available went to Lake Fort Smith State Park for a picnic.  It was so fun, I thought.
 I loved that park and the beautiful spillway. 
 There was a cool playground for my little nieces and nephews.  And of course plenty of food for everyone. 
 Philip remembers coming back to my parent's house and sitting on the floor in my sister's room, looking at scrapbooks.
  I have no recollection of that at all. 
Then we shuddered as we thought about him falling asleep on his way to the hotel where his family was staying.
  He left the home of my youth, about 1 a.m. and heading south on Highway 71, woke up in the North bound lane within a few feet of hitting a semi head on.  I told him, I would have never gotten over that, if it had turned out all wrong. 
 In all seriousness, he said, "Neither would I." 
And we laughed.
Across these years, that one memory has stopped me in my tracks over and over.  My life would be SO different without Philip.
 To this day,  I'm still immensely thankful for Protection over him that night.  How different our  family's lives would be today, with just a few turn of events.
My oldest brother Carlton, and his family, arrived around 2 that morning.  Then about 6:30 on the morning of our wedding, I remember being awakened by banging and one of my nephews yelling at Daddy's pet donkey Becky. This all seems so funny to think back too.  I need to take time to record details and emotions sometime.
 Later in the day my brother Paul went with me to the church to practice getting on the platform in my wedding dress.  We snagged the lace on my dress and made about a 3 inch tear in it.  So either Mother or I made a quick repair.  I don't remember that detail for sure.  I remember Paul being upset about the mishap and I wasn't!  I just wanted to get married!

Philip and I didn't see each other the day of our wedding...well, once he left my parent's house at midnight or so, that is. However, we sang together, without seeing each other, before our wedding started, he in one room and I in another.  Our voices were blended through the sound system.  It seemed so high tech back in the day. 

My brother Keith came in that little tiny side room where I was waiting to sing.  He began to tease me and told me he would give me $75 if I would just back out and walk away from our wedding.
  What in the world? 
 Was he crazy? 
 Did he think I was crazy?
"Ernesteen, (that's what Keith calls me) $75 is a lot of money. Come on, $75!
 I'll give it to you now if you just walk away!
Leave it all behind."
I remember Paul coming in there too for just a second, but if I remember correctly he was telling Keith to stop because it was time for the wedding to start and I needed to focus!

My sister Donnie, and her husband, drove from California for our wedding and thought it started at 7.  They got there just in time for the reception.  So after the reception was over we went back to the church and did the wedding all over again just for her.  It was fun!
I enjoyed it the second time around so much.

So yes, I have been married the same man...
...never one regret...
...never looked back!
 Yes Keith, I'm crazy,
  crazy in love!


Donnie Pirtle said...

Wonderful to think back and remember...and be thankful. Have a wonderful day.

Claudia said...

That's a great story, my friend!

Love it.


Karla Cook @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Ha! I had forgotten about you being married twice. Such fun! Happy #28!

(And we're right behind you, as I'm sure you haven't forgotten. I wouldn't've gone for the $75 either.)